Monday, October 8, 2007

Paid Blogging

More and more everyday I see blogs that is into paid blogging. It is very interesting and inspiring that we can really earn by doing this. I have read that there are people who vehemently left comments to bloggers as if paid blogging is a disgusting thing to do. But mind you this may be something others don't approve of but to others, like me, this is something we can consider as blessing to help our family. So to all bloggers like me who are doing paid blogging, KUDOS and may you enjoy working in blog advertising.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I was skeptical before to join any online opportunities like paid blogging, paid advertising or get paid to review products online. But it changed when I saw a lot of my friends online ventured into it. I tried and submitted my blog. I started accepting opportunities one at a time. Until I was kind of hooked into it. Now I joined a lot of paid blogging opportunities. It really is very addicting as I may say. It's like an addiction that you can't get rid of. The big factor that drives a person to be hooked into it is the denomination that you get. Honestly it is a good source of additional income. I know I will have a handful of work this coming days but still I will make sure to find time for this past time of mine. I hope I will be able to keep up.
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