Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Black Friday

This is the busiest day of shopping here in the US. It is the Friday after Thanksgiving day. All stores are having their sales and other marketing strategies. Some stores open as early as 12am and they have different early bird specials too that lures buyers to get up and join the madness. I remember when I was still working in retail the store was like a madhouse at the end of the day. Merchandise all over the floor, lines at the counter reaches until outside the store front. This black Friday we don't have any plans of going out early but we may go to the mall and check out some good deals later.

Toy Recall

As a first time Mom I am so scared of buying just about any toy for my Darling Daughter because of the recent recalls. I think the best thing we have to do is to be very vigilant and not to take any chances. We can also take a head start on testing whatever we have in our house for lead content. That way when our kids play with it they will not ingest any undesirable chemical contents into their body. Hubby is so anal with cleaning our baby's toys as well as checking it where and what it is made of. I am so thankful of that concern because I sometimes slacks on that aspect. So to all Mommy's let us be vigilant for our kids sake.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crazy World

I can't stand hearing on the news about murder, kids being abused sexually and physically by family members at that, fighting for something worthless. It's so below the grounds that I can't even dig with this little brain of mine. It's just a crazy world. I am so looking forward to a day where I will not be able to hear such a horrific, horrible news and stories. I am so praying for a beautiful future world for the next generation.
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