Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Greetings!

Happy New year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Salon Job Center

Are you in the beauty industry and have salon jobs to be advertised? You can go to this website This website will enable you to post beauty jobs for only $29 per job and it will stay online for 3 days. This is a good way of inviting diverse applications looking for esthetician jobs. You can also publish your business which is a good way of marketing your business. I browsed the website and they have a lot of information when it comes to beauty jobs. Their web design aim followers and viewers to learn about different salon jobs, news, information, advance training skills and many others. It will greatly help not only for the business owners but also job seeker as well. Check the site now and see what are in store for you.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow is Melting

I am very glad that the snow is already melting. When we were hit of that snow storm, the snow, slush and everything were almost up to our knee. We are seeing white landscape for two weeks and now I already see greens. Oh I am just so happy that all these snowing have ended for now. I said for now because we are still in winter season. I am sure we will still have another round of snowing. But hopefully it will not as heavy as what we had two weeks ago.

This snow storm that passed really raised havoc not only here in the Northwest but also in Northeast and Midwest. We heard airports canceled numerous flights, people stranded in the airports on the holidays, stranded in their own houses, and accidents. Here in our county, there were carports and roofs collapsed due to the strain of too much snow. Even a retirement home was vacated because of the sagging roof. Now the problem of flooding and flash flooding needs to be watched out for. So to those that have been affected with the snow storm should ensure your drainage is not blocked because it can cause flooding when the melted snow cannot freely flow.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Face Painting

Do you know how to face paint? On Halloween we were at the mall and there was this kiosk that does face painting. I wanted to have our daughter's face painted but she was still small so I told hubby maybe when she is old enough. I am fascinated by this talent because I know it takes a lot of practice and skills in order to perfect it. I found a great resource that will enable you to learn face painting and this is through the Aesthetic Video Source wherein they sell a step by step instructional DVD for face painting. They also have different face painting designs that you can follow; from animals, masquerade, Halloween designs, and more. If you want to know more about it, check out the video below.


kids halloween costumes | homemade halloween costumes


Month of December is really a busy month for my family back in the Philippines. My deceased brother was born on December 24; my older sister was born on December 25 as well as my niece Karen; on December 26 is my niece Sweet's birthday; and on January 1st is my father's birthday. The celebration is overlapping as all of them celebrates their birthdays. For the rest of the family, we can't forget their natal days.

This year, the celebration is being held in different places. My sister and her family went to her in-laws and my nieces in their Grandparents home. For my niece Sweet, her birthday is kinda sad one because her Grandfather, father side, passed away. She don't want to have a celebration like they used in the midst of her Grandfather's wake. Those that celebrates their birthdays on the 25th of December is really lucky because the whole world celebrates with them, isn't it? :-)

Cord Blood Banking

When we decided to have a child, we talked about it extensively because we know how life-changing it is. There are many things a couple has to consider before deciding to have a child. There are the surmountable responsibilities that needs to be addressed to once you have a child; not only with the monetary aspect of it but also the possibilities of having an offspring with special needs or difficult medical conditions, which can challenge emotions and well-being.

One thing that I regret to plan ahead when we got pregnant was to have our baby's cord blood preserved. I remember I asked my Pediatrician about it and she highly recommended it to me. I talked to my husband about it but I guess it flew off our minds. I wish I was able to do it. I already had the form from Cryo-Cell , the leader in family cord blood banking, but I totally forgot to fill it up and wasn't able to start the process. If I get pregnant again, I will definitely do it. The preservation of stem cells of the umbilical cord of our babies are known to treat about 70 diseases and have been used in 8,000 transplants or over worldwide. This

If you are pregnant right now and expecting you need to consider cord blood banking because this can help save life as protecting our child's future. I know we are dealing with economic crisis but Cryo-Cell is helping families by offering a big discount of $725 once you enroll online using the promotional code D995. You only have to pay $995 for processing, testing and first year of storage plus they will waive the cancellation fee in addition to it. So, for Moms to be and those who are planning to have kids, this is a chance to start protecting your child's future.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merrry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!!!

Remembering Christmas as the day our Savior was born. It is also the time of giving, sharing, and cheer. I wish to spend this Christmas with my family back in the Philippines but the distance does not permit us to. Four Christmas holidays that I haven't seen my family. Although I am happy to celebrate it with my now own family, there is still something lacking deep in my heart. So for this Christmas, just like the previous three Christmases, I have to be contented with talking to them over the phone. This is better than nothing at all :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pregnancy Massage

When I got pregnant of our DD I was looking online for a service like Pregnancy Massage in our area. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find one. What I found was a pregnancy massage DVD that instructs different techniques in massage therapy for expectant mothers. I talked to my OB-GYN about it and she said I can definitely have it if I wanted to. Although I wasn't able to buy the DVD but according to a friend who have it, it is really soothing and very nurturing. The pregnancy massage techniques are very subtle and it will really create a relaxing effect.

If you are expecting and you wanted to have more relaxation through pregnancy massage, you can check out Aesthetic VideoSource’s new Nurturing Pregnancy Massage Techniques instructional DVD. This is a step by step instruction of different massage technique. You can check this DVD and order by calling 1-800-414-2434 or visiting The complete set can be purchased for $84.00, at a savings of 20%.

Family Get Together

I called my family back in the Philippines earlier and I got to talk to all of them. My brother came home already after many months working overseas as a seaman. Unfortunately, another tragedy happened to our family. My brother-in-law's father died early Monday morning. I call him Grandpa and him and his wife are very wonderful people. He died of complication and also of old age. His wife, Grandma, is also in her 80s. I talked to my BIL and he said his Mom is also sick and just had knee surgery.

It is very frustrating when things like this happened and you are in far away place. I am so wanting to be there but the distance just won't permit us to. My parents and the rest of my brother and sisters along with their families will join my sister's family in Davao to assist my BIL's loss. I also extended our condolences and prayers to him and to Grandma.

We Need a Winter Escape

If you live here in the Northwest or Midwest and somewhere in the East where the winter storm hit, you will really need a winter escape. For two weeks now we are bombarded with the nasty weather and snow storm. A lot of people are stranded in their own houses because it is just dangerous to go out. As for us here, although we braved the heavy downpour of snow so we can go out and do our errands but I really wish we have a vacation outside the northwest, like going to Missouri where we can stay at the grandiose Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing, where you don't have to worry of driving going to shops and entertainment places.

I knew of a winter escape package to stay in either Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. This package will enable you stay in either of these hotels in a very reasonable price. If ever I have the chance I will definitely check out the 3rd Annual Ice Carving and the exciting 2009 Polar Plunge. There are also live entertainments and theaters in commemoration of the 2nd Anniversary of the Hilton Promenade. These are only few of the very exciting events while on this great escape. I told my husband that we have to check this place out when time and money permit us to. If we only have known about this winter storm earlier, like a month or two ago, I would have agreed for his plan to have a Christmas vacation. With our weather now, I felt that we should have taken a winter escape.


Wrapping Gifts

I am all set when it comes to my gift wrapping. All the kids have their gifts and the three kids in Hawaii will get theirs tomorrow as it will be delivered there through USPS. I had a hard time getting my gift for hubby. I ordered some online but until now I did not received it yet. I think it got stuck because of the snow storm as well. But I also bought two things for him from Sears when we went to the mall. I told him that we have to part ways so I can buy him something without him knowing what it is. I was at the counter and I have to tell the checker to hurry and put it in the gift box right away since he is somewhere in the store. The guy was laughing at me. I was glad that I already had it wrapped when him and our DD showed up. This is a problem when you are always together when you go out. You will have a hard time getting one for him since he is around.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weight Gain on Holidays

As we are heading to Christmas we know that we are going to feast as well. I am telling you that right now I gained a little bit of weight from Thanksgiving celebration. My husband is also dealing with a bit of weight gain too. I told him that we may not cook much for Christmas because friends are inviting us to their houses. I don't want to end up looking for diet pills to curb down the weight we gained :-) I have written in my other blog that I tried to counsel my nieces to follow a healthy lifestyle and here I am not in control of what I put in my mouth. How ironic, right? But as long as I know my limitation and I can discipline myself, then I will be okay. I have to double my effort though since at this time of the year, winter, exercising is usually going to the backseat. We need to be more motivated in order to sweat out and shed off all the extra calories consumed during this holiday.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eye Problem

When I woke up Friday morning I felt a searing pain in my right eye. I can't open it for long because it hurt so bad. It seemed like my lacrimal gland did not stop producing tears because my eyes kept tearing. I was still in bed in our DD's room. When hubby came in I asked him if my eyes are red. He told me a little bit. I wanted to go back to sleep hoping the pain will go away but unfortunately did not. I even asked Recel on YM about her symptoms because I knew she recently went to her eye doctor for check-up.

The whole day of Saturday was really a bad day for me. I even shunned away from the computer because I may have strained my eye muscles from always facing the computer. I only checked emails and did a little of blog hopping. To ease the pain, I did cold compress on my eye and it did helped a little bit. I decided to go to sleep early also hoping it will help more. Fortunately when I woke up this morning the pain is gone and I can open my eyes without tears already. Thank God it is not worst as I thought it was. I guess my eyes just need to rest away from the computer to recuperate. I still have to schedule an eye exam soon to make sure I don't have eye problem at all.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Multi-Media Social Network

Have you heard about Kerchoonz? This is a new multi-media social network where artists and music fans can go to enjoy music streams and downloads. They provide these streams and download for free but they will pay the artists and labels. If you are a fan or just a listener you can also make money by referring bands and artists to register and use the site to promote their music. This is really cool! I register an account and initially browsed the site. I was able to play music that I love and I had fun with the ABC word games. My highest score was 49 :-). Aside from the things I mentioned, you can also send instant messages to your friends who are also registered at Kerchoonz.

I think the creator of this site is really making a new multi-media revolution combining technology, music, advertising, entertainment, and social networking. This is also a good way in phasing out piracy, hopefully, because they will pay the artist when somebody downloads or uses their music which is only fair to do so. So, if you want to experience how Kerchoonz work, you can register now for free. I am sure you will be hooked into this especially if you love playing games and downloading music. If you are already registered, don't forget to tell your friends to register as well.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deep Freeze

My car parked in the parking lot without cover was coated with snow and the plant near our window is almost buried.

I wrote previously that snow is coming up and indeed it came and it's a lot. According to the forecast, we will experience deep freeze in the coming days. The weekend weather shows cloudy but sunny but it will be very cold. Then come next week, snow is coming back. Last night we went out to get some stuff at the store and hubby went to his workplace. Tonight we are planning to go out also but due to the ugly weather we just decided to stay at home. Hubby cooked our dinner and when he went out to throw our trash I asked him to take pictures of the outside. I did not dare to go out with our DD because it's very cold and the snow are still pouring.

At the front of the management's office. The stone fountain is covered with ice/snow

Wish for Christmas

Seven more days and it will be Christmas. I know some are already done with shopping and others are still completing the wish list shopping. All of us have wishes to get this holiday season. Even I myself got a wish, not a material thing but the hope to see my family back in the Philippines. Although it will not be this Christmas but hopefully before Christmas of next year :-) I talked again to my parents earlier and my Dad was saying he misses us so very much. I asked him aside from us, what else he wants for Christmas. He said that hopefully I can send lots of pictures to them especially of our little one.

This got me an idea of sending them a CEIVA Digital Photo Frame with all our pictures in it. I saw this cool gadget at If you visit the site, you can experience how cool this photo frame is. You can upload pictures into it anywhere you are in the US. I tried uploading mine through the site and instantly my picture appeared in the photo frame. It's very amazing! I am pretty sure my parents will love it. So check sit on Santa's lap now and get this wonderful gift idea. You can also enter the got a wish sweepstakes and have the chance of winning $500.


4 Years and Counting

Wow, time flies so fast indeed! It is the same day of the month but only four years ago that we celebrate our union together as husband and wife. Looking back, it was a short, simple, solemn exchange of wedding vows with just few of my husband's relatives as witnesses. Despite it's simpleness, the emotion that we both felt was overpowering that we both shed tears.

Now, four years after, I am proud to say that we still have the passion and the love we have for each other is even more stronger. I am very thankful to God that He continually bless us with patience, kindness, understanding, and more love that keep us strong. Ever since, we don't forget to tell each other 'i love you' and we vowed to say it until we are old and gray. We are very grateful to God for having each other. We are praying everyday that God will keep us strong strengthen our faith and keep us healthy so we can see our kids grow up.

Vacations To Go

Before we got married my husband already book for a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. He was doing it to surprise me. Unfortunately, after I got here and we got married my visa will not allow me to travel outside the US unless I have to apply for a permit that will takes out that restriction. So that was really a disappointment. We just had it changed and went to Hawaii instead, which was equally great as well.

Since then, I told hubby that one of these days we will still pursue it. I know that cruises and vacations will still be available anytime. If ever we are ready, I can check out this great site Vacations To Go. If you have not heard of it, they are a great site to check out for any last minute plan of your cruises and vacations. As the name, Vacations To Go, infers they have best prices of cruises even at an eleventh hour booking.

At Vacations To Go, you can find cruises of up to 75% off of the original price. They have this 90-Day Ticker tool that will give you idea of what cruise packages are being marked down. Their website is also designed for clients to be able to search for bargain or discounted cruises by regions, dates, and ships. My husband sometimes decides for a getaway at the last minute. So now I know where to go to get the best deals.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got Bad News

I called my Mom earlier and she got my call while they're in our farm. My parents are in their 70s already, Dad will be 75 this January 1st (New Year's day) and Mom will be 70 in July of next year, but they are still very active going to our farm walking for 30 minutes one way. So, she said they're at the farm doing some work and checking for fallen coconuts. Then she told me about the bad news. Our neighbor's son, whom I consider to be like my brother, died in a motorcycle accident the other night. He is the son of my 3rd grade teacher and his sister is one of my childhood bestfriends. I really felt the loss because he is very respectful to us and consider him us one of the family. Their family is our close friend being our house next to each other. 

The accident was a result of teenage drunk driving. Both him and his friend, the driver, died in the said accident. During the accident he was with my nephew, my sister's son. My nephew was driving another motorcycle and was following them. The driver probably drove fast and hit the rotunda with grills around it in our town. The impact was so hard the driver was killed instantly. My nephew brought them both to the hospital but the other one was pronounced dead. He was still brought to the biggest hospital in another city but after few hours he passed away.

Now my nephew is in a state of shock. I think he was really traumatized of what happened because he was there when it happened and when his friends died. It really served a lesson to him not to drink and drive. I was told he wasn't drunk but his friends were. I will talk to my sister and have him talk to a counselor or somebody that can supervise him because it can really create a trauma psychologically. For our dear friend who passed away, he may rest in peace and my prayers and thoughts are with his family that are left behind.

Branding for Your Business

Branding is very important in order to promote business. If you don't have proper branding of whatever product you have more likely your business will not prosper. Consumers nowadays will look into the type of products and what it is made of. Some will even be attracted with the packaging. If you have a nice packaging of your products, consumers will notice it more than the others. It is part of the marketing strategy so your products will be patronized. There are people who are really good in marketing and merchandising. Some of them are called branding gurus.

If you have business and you want to promote it well in the market, you need to ask the help of experts like marketing strategist or branding gurus. You can visit to find more information and even check with them if you have a strong branding for your products or if your business is viable. They have experts that will help you in determining how to improve the marketing of your business. Branding products is what they are expert of and they will give you the best return of your investment if you seek their expertise. Check their site now and learn how you can improve your business and take it to the next level.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dinner is Served

Sometimes I really become lazy to prepare dinner. I cook rice everyday though but there are times I have to wait for hubby to come home to let him prepare food other than rice. Our DD have different food so I always take care of it.

Last weekend, I marinated the beef steak and waited for hubby to toss it in the grill. He found out that our grill wasn't cleaned from the last time he used it. So he ended up cleaning it first thoroughly before grilling the steak. It took him almost two hours to do the task :-) When you are consumed with the cooking, washing the dishes will become another load so hubby used our disposable dishes as you can see the picture on the side :-) After eating, he just threw the disposables and washed those that aren't.

Along with the grilled steak, he toasted the frozen garlic bread, blanched green veggies and opened a can of baked beans. Our weekend dinner was served and it sure made us full satisfied :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Pays to be Prepared

Now that I am already married and have a child, my priorities have changed. Before I am only thinking of myself and even if I help my family out, I still did not foresee the future. When I got married I learned a lot of things that I thought I should not be concerned of; one of which is getting a term life insurance. It intensified when we got pregnant and have a kid. Questions like what if something happened to me who will take care of my kids, how they are going to pay for everything, and all the what ifs I can think about. It really pays to be prepared on this kind of things. We are going to pass this world but once and we need to make sure that we know what will happen to those that we left behind. How about you? What are the things that you can suggest to prepare us when the inevitable happen? Hope you can share.

Snow Coming Up

This picture was taken early this year when flurries was still hitting our town even if it was almost spring time. But this fall-winter season our first snow forecast to hit our town will be this coming weekend. We already experienced freezing temperature but no sign of snow yet except at the passes and the mountain areas.

I know in some part of the country in east coast, they already experienced thick snow. My husband asked me if I do like to go skiing. Of course I wanted to try it in my lifetime. He may bring us to one of the ski resort here in Washington. Even if we don't go skiing yet but just for us to experience being in a ski resort. Honestly I haven't tried playing in a thick snow covered yard. Maybe this year we will be able to experience it with our DD :-) I am very excited.

Furniture for Less

One of our goals for next year is to replace some of our furniture. Our furniture right now is all second hand and although it is still in good condition but you can see that it has seen better days. When we are going to replace it by next year we are sure to get discount furniture. We've seen furniture for less both in stores and online and it will just depend on how much we have to shell out for particular items, then we will decide which store to go to. I already bookmarked different sites that I know we can go to once we are ready. I was telling my husband that we will get the items one at a time so we will not breaking our budget plan.

Fall Qurater Has Ended

(Image grabbed from Photobucket)

Wow, this quarter passed by so quick. All my finals are done and I can already relax, though in all honesty I have been relax with my classes :-) I did crammed with studying but thankfully the results are all great.

When we, me and hubby, enrolled for classes I was concerned if we both can handle the schedule. Fortunately, we did great and although there are glitches and some discussions between us, we were able to finish the quarter positively. It was my first quarter back in school after I gave birth. Our schedules complemented rightfully.

This winter quarter we have a problem with schedules. Hubby will have two months of training in different places. One month in California and one month here in Washington but in different place. It is a live-in training for a month. This means I have to check for online classes. I will have to call my adviser what class I can take online and register for it. If none, then I have to wait until spring quarter to register.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Village

Part of the display inside Seattle Center is the Christmas village. I took some pictures but did not really take a picture of the whole village. I was in a hurry and forgot that I can go up on the elevated area to get a good shot. Maybe when we go back there I will try to take a good one of the whole village. It was also displayed last Christmas and my digital camera that time was an old 2pixel one lols, the shots are not really nice so to speak. Next time I will make sure to get a good angle and a good shot :-)

Auto Insurance Renewed

Every November we are renewing our auto insurance. I am really particular about it so I keep reminding my husband to make sure we are up to date with it. My husband told me that our insurance is up a little because we are now in different state. They have different rates depending on what state you are living. It was up $10 per month. I must say that our insurance right now is better than what we have 3 years ago. I am glad my husband changed insurance company. If you want to learn more about insurance industry, you can check it here at

One Final Exam Down

On Saturday I finally submitted my final exam for my Medical Insurance Billing and Coding class. Our instructor gave it to us since November 22nd. But I was able to do it on Friday night. I always put it off and crammed at the end. Hubby was reminding me about it and told him I will do it. So since I did it late I am not really confident if I did it well.

Even if we have books to look at, still it is different. It is application of what we were taught in class. Our test was to submit an insurance claim and make sure we filled up the form correctly so the insurance company will not reject it. I will know what will be my grade in two weeks. I hope it will be a good grade :-) My finals for my Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics class will be on Tuesday.

Get Insurance Quotes at Wholesale Insurance

My insurance billing class instructor taught us to shop for insurance, may it be term life, health and other pre-need plans, before getting one. I also agreed to the idea because it is a must to check for low cost term life insurance rates and other insurance rates before having one. You can check with for quotes. You can also check with them different articles that will help you explain what insurance is best to get in different situation. I was reluctant before to get a secondary insurance, but after I took my class I was enlightened and is now trying to check different insurance companies that will give me a good deal for a supplement insurance.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Me at the Space Needle

I really don't like taking my very own picture but since I have been here at the Space Needle thrice but no picture of my own so I asked hubby to take one. I was standing beside one of the info kiosk. It is a touch screen kiosk where you can check different statistical information regarding the space needle and the areas around it. This is only one among the many kiosks you can find in there. The Space Needle is a must see when you happen to visit Seattle. Every time this landmark is shown at the famous Grey's Anatomy tv show hubby will always say, we have been there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Affordable Television

I was really shocked when I saw the prices of television in stores. It is really affordable now than before. When we got our 32 inches flat screen television last year, the price was over $700. Now the same brand television is only around $400 and there are other brands that are less than $400. It was reported that there is a decrease of those who are buying electronics including television. So, I think it is best to buy television at this time because the prices are low. My cousin planned of getting a pop up tv stand for their brand new plasma tv that they bought last week. They got the television at a very good deal. It will be perfect in their place for sure.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Tree is Up

On Friday we were supposed to go to Seattle to watch the Macy's parade and see the lighting of Christmas tree and lights at Westlake Center. The parade was started so early so we were not able to go. Me and our DD woke up around 11am and it feels like a tiring day. Hubby had a plan then and that is to put up our Christmas tree. He already cleaned up the area where the Christmas tree should stand. So while I was feeding our daughter he was busy taking out the Christmas decor from the storage.

I was thinking it is a bad idea to have our tree up this early because our DD is very hyper. Fortunately, ever since we had the tree up she did not touch or grab any of the balls and decors we have. At first she got curious and when her Daddy saw her about to touch the decor he told her not to do it or she will hurt her feelings. I think she understood it well and I am proud of her for being so behave. She just love watching herself in the glass balls but not daring to touch it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving had past and how was your celebration? I bet you still have left over of what you all cooked. For us we have a lot of left over. Me and hubby cooked lots of food for just the two of us :-) We expected guests but then their schedule got mixed up because of other invitations so they were not able to come to our apartment. We ended up having the 17.4lbs turkey all to ourselves. We enjoyed cooking and glad everything went well.

After we knew that our guests are not coming, we started to set the table and of course start eating. But before the eating part we had fun taking pictures of what we cooked and what's on the table. Our DD was asleep so we were not able to take a picture of us three together. I don't want to wake her up because she will get cranky. All in all, our Thanksgiving was really a great one even if there's only three of us.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alli Weight Loss Pills

I have noticed the growing popularity of alli weight loss pill. From the first time it was out in the market until now it seems that a lot of people are using it. It is not a doctor's prescribed weight loss pill. You can see it all drugstore and can buy it over the counter. Accordingly, this pill has the ability to reduce absorption of fats in the body, thus controlling weight gain. I have a friend who uses it and she said it is really working on her. She uses it along with her diet plan and exercise. She have been on the heavier side for many years and she is glad she's able to find an effective pill for her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Turkey Day!

This is the time to give celebrate for a fruitful year amidst the economic crisis :-) Have a blessed celebration. Be safe and be happy!

Afraid of Vacuum

Ever since our daughter heard and determine the sound of the vacuum she develop a somewhat phobia on it. It is not the worst phobia though. She just don't want to be put on the floor once you are doing the vacuuming. What I do is to let her touch the vacuum before I clean our floor. If hubby is doing it, she wants me to carry her. I think the loud noise scare her that is why she cried when she first heard it.

I bought her a toy vacuum and she knows how to use it. I always tell her young mind that it is the same and it is used for cleaning not to scare her. Because we are vacuuming the floor almost everyday, she will only look at me but I have to let her know first that it's okay so she will not cry. Now hubby is cleaning the carpet and then vacuuming it while our DD is in her high chair. She is watching her Daddy so intently. When her Daddy put her down she walked towards the vacuum and touched it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Research Before You Buy

I just had a conversation with a friend about dieting and losing weight. I agree that we have to watch we eat if we want to become healthy and fit. It is one's prerogative if he/she wants to follow a strict diet and exercise or take a diet pill, food supplement, weight loss pill. But it is very important that whatever means you are going to follow you need to research first. There are diet pills that are appropriate for you and others are not; just like if you want to take Leptovox because you heard its effectiveness as a weight loss pill. The same thing with other pills, it is best to know how it works, its contents and if it is good for your health. By doing so, you will not jeopardize your health. It is also important to consult a professional or your physician to ensure your safety.

Mama's Slippers

I have seen babies before that are trying to imitate what their Mommies are doing and even slipping on big shoes. I think this is common to all babies because our DD is now into it. When hubby gets home she will be waiting on him to take off his shoes and then she will pick it up and try bringing it near the shoe cabinet. She sees us all the time doing it. But sometimes when she sees our slippers or sandals lying around, she will slip it on just like in the picture above. She looks very funny walking very slowly so the slippers will not slip out of her tiny feet. Babies are really great imitator :-)

Digital Signage

Do you know that digital signage can greatly improve the whole performance of a business? Yes it does. This technology can boost a business' profit, encourage more clients, give business the right environment, and satisfy the people that work within as well as its customers. offers digital signage solution as well as other resources on the magnanimous opportunity this technology can bring to your business. So if you want to improve your business, visit the site and learn more about their service. You can also get a lot of information from other businesses that already have it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

Another week awaits us and this includes the Thanksgiving celebration this coming Thursday. Our weekend passed by so quick. Saturday I attended our last meeting in school. Supposedly the last day of school will be on December 6 and then our finals but we only meet on the 6th to submit our take home finals. We already have our final exam and I need to finish it before I forget :-)

After school on Saturday we went to do errands. Went a little shopping at Ross Dress for Less, yeah I am into frugal finds, and check out Bed bath and Beyond as well. Afterward we headed to the Commissary on post for grocery shopping. It was raining a little bit in the morning but glad that in the afternoon the rain stopped.

Sunday me and our DD just stayed at home while Daddy went to church. We woke up late and I don't want hubby to be late for church so I decided to just stay at home. I finished up packing my balikbayan box and the two boxes are full already. I still need a tape to finished sealing the second box. I will have it picked up this week. Around 4pm we headed out to Capital mall because I wanted to use my 20% off coupon at American Eagle store. I got me a jacket and hubby a sweater. We just browsed around and decided to head home.

Our weekend is the usual weekend we have. How about you? Hope you had a great one :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Forks

The movie Twilight is now in theaters. It is predicted to whoop up millions and become one of the year's blockbusters. Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight saga, chooses Forks, Washington as the setting of this modern day vampire love story. Beginning this past summer the small town of Forks is now basking in frenzy because people not only from here in the US but other parts of the world are visiting. The timber city is now becoming a tourist attraction because of the book. Local businesses are also joining the frenzy and creating and selling memorabilia like t-shirts, bags, buttons, and others. Even restaurants are selling Bella burgers, named after the leading girl Bella Swan :-) Among the favorite tourist destinations are Bella Swan's house, the Cullen's house, and the rocky beach. I am not really sure if I will watch the movie in theater or read the book but I will try if I have the chance.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tongue Sore

It has been 4 days now that I am feeling the soreness in my tongue. While we had lunch on Sunday I bit the side of my tongue. This then create a painful sore. I know some of you have experienced it already. Then on Tuesday before going in to my class we stopped by to get latte. Obviously it is hot but I sipped the coffee fast it burnt my already sore tongue. It is really very uncomfortable feeling. When I talk I can feel the side touches my teeth and it makes it more painful. I hope this will fade away soon. My lesson learned is to drink my coffee slowly to avoid being burnt :-)

Disney Vacations

My husband was asking me that since we can't go to Philippines yet this Christmas if it is okay that we go somewhere else within the US. One of his plans is to go to Florida and spend Christmas in Disney World. I really am confused because I told him to just stay here since I want to cut back on vacation expenses and now I saw Disney vacations for $99 per package. This includes accommodations, Disney tickets and coupon book. Regularly, this is a $399 package. This is really a good deal to pass. I will show this to hubby and see what he thinks about it. If you want to go to Florida, check this deal too for the whole family.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Pictures

I really don't like taking picture of myself :-) When we go outing I will always be the photographer and hubby and our DD will be my subjects. But on Sunday, after church, I asked hubby to take our picture. I was meaning to hold her in my arms and get a good pose but our DD don't like to be carried. She just want to walk around thus I was following her around. She even cried when I put her in her car seat. I am glad I was bringing a bag full of food stuff for her. I know she was already hungry so I fed her with her pasta shells with cheese and bacon bits. She went quite while I was feeding her. By the time we got to the restaurant she was already full and she was behaved the whole time.

Pregnant Man: Again

Have you heard again of that guy from Oregon, Thomas, who had given birth? He is pregnant again and is due in June. I saw the preview of his interview with the View host Barbara Walters and even she was shocked. Accordingly, he received some hate mails as well as threats because of their situation. A lot of people still do not understand and does not accept them as what they are.

For me, I don't think it's an abnormal thing. It is their choice and they deserve to have kids. I think it is the right time for society to accept this kind of changes. I see on the clip that they are a happy family and they are responsible parents. It may redefine the rule of the father, as the one who conceived and gave birth, but it didn't change the fact that their father was also a female. I believe that they will explain to their kids everything and as long as they reinforce the understandings of their children about their situation their kids will grow to have an open mind.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

School Update

Yesterday was our second test for my Medical Insurance Coding and Billing class. The test I would say was easy but very tricky true or false questions. I don't know how I did yet but I am not expecting an A on it. Our instructor also checked our workbook and glad I was able to answer up to Chapter 10. We will only have one more meeting left this coming Saturday, November 22nd. We will not have class on Thanksgiving weekend. Our final test will be handed out to us on 22nd as well. It is a take home final exam to be submitted on December 6th. Our instructor told us we can either mail it to her or submit it on the 6th. I still have to think about mailing it or wait until December to submit it.

With my Medical Law class, I had a B+ on our first test. Out of 50 I had 43. If I had 44 it will be an A-. Most of my mistakes were answers that I changed. I had the first answer right and then changed it to something else. This teaches me a lesson to trust on my instinct :-) We did not meet on Veteran's Day. This coming Tuesday we have to submit our assignments and we will have a guest speaker that will talk to us about health care here in the US. Our finals will be set whenever between December 2-12. I am hoping it will be a take home finals as well :-)

I am just glad that this quarter is about to end. For next quarter, since all my subjects is not offered in Winter, I will look for another class preferably an online class so I will not go to the campus. I haven't decided yet what class but hopefully something that will be credited when I pursue other medical field.

Friday, November 14, 2008


When I was in the Philippines I love chocolates a lot. I guess because I seldom eat it, especially because it is expensive. This is why it is also one of the most awaited gifts from families who are living abroad. But when I got here in the US I was so overwhelmed by the different kinds of chocolates you can buy from different stores. It is really a treat for me. Now that I have been living here for almost 4 years chocolates really does not appeal to me that much at all. I really don't know what happened but I can't even finish a small bar of toblerone, hershey or cadbury when before I could. I guess this means that I am not a chocoholic at all :-)

Speaking of chocolates, I am going to buy chocolates and candies that I will be sending to my family back in the Philippines. They already got the balikbayan box I sent on September 25th. My Mom counted the days and it reaches up to 42 days that they received the package. I did not sent a lot of chocolates and when I called them my nephews and nieces are telling me to send more :-) You know, they can buy chocolates there but it is different when it is given especially from families who lives abroad :-) I may have to buy more bags of candies so they can give it to relatives in time of New Year as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Storms

The November storms is bringing havoc to the northwest. A lot of people are affected by the continuous raining. Houses and properties washed through downstream as a result of flooding. There are roads and bridges that are closed because of fear of flooding. This is one of the natural calamities that I hope I will not go through because it is just devastating. Even if you are prepared but still you cannot expect what the damage could be. I hope that we will be able to see some sun light today and the raining eases so the rivers can subside and roads will be opened back up again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopping for the Holidays

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? There are 43 days left for Christmas :-) Surely, time flies so fast. Around this time last year we moved here in our apartment. We will be celebrating our second Christmas here. We decided to put up our Christmas tree and decorations after Thanksgiving. With regards to shopping, I am almost done with my shopping for my balikbayan box. The last box I sent, my family received it about 38 days. So sending the boxes I have now this Saturday, hopefully, they will get it by Christmas time.

Maybe during black Friday we we will shop for Christmas gifts for our kids and send it early to them. I am scouting from different stores who offers good deals though because I know that stores are also marking down merchandise to entice buyers. We were at Sears this afternoon and I was stunned with the low price of flat screen television. The same thing with Walmart and Best Buy. But we don't need new television just yet :-) I am looking at new computer monitor, so hopefully I can get one for Christmas :-)

Affordable Eyeglasses

Have you heard about Zenni Optical? An online optical store that sells prescription eyeglasses for a fraction of the cost from its competitor? Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Yes, because of their affordable eyeglasses they were featured on Fox News. You can get any type of eyeglasses with Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni from $8 and up. If you are wearing an eyeglasses and you like to keep changing your glasses to match your outfit, you can try Zenni. Surely, you will get Great Eyeglasses For Less from them. The reason why they sell so affordable because they manufacture their own products. No middle man whatsoever. So check them out now and see what pair you think look fabulous on you. See also Zenni on Fox how this family save money buying prescription eyeglasses for their kids.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Horrifying Text Message

A horrifying text message to me is like "please call it's an emergency". If you are living overseas or away from your family and you receive such message, I bet you will be horrified. My sister always sends texts just like it. She did it to me twice. First when our uncle passed away last month and then the other night she did it again. So I called right away and holding my breath until I was able to talk to my Mom.

Indeed, the news is not good. My nephew, my older sister's only child had an accident. He is 10 years old and in 5th grade. He goes to a Catholic school and every Friday they have student mass. After mass my nephew along with his classmates went to the canteen for snacks. They were eating at the picnic shed outside the canteen. Nearby was a maintenance guy grass cutting. When suddenly he shouted in pain and was holding his eye.

A stone was hit by the blade of the grass cutter and flew hitting him in the eye. He was in real pain so his teacher brought him to the nearby clinic. The doctor who saw him told the teacher that he needs to be seen by an Ophthalmologist because she saw the damage and she is not an eye doctor. She gave a referral note and told the teacher to call that doctor's office to make sure he will be taken cared of when he gets there. The teacher then called my sister and that same day he was brought to Butuan City.

The Ophthalmologist checked his eye and the monitor showed his lens and iris were badly damaged. He needs an eye operation right away to prevent it from further damage that will result to cataract and blindness. The doctor will take out his lens and preserve it. The doctor will also fix the damaged iris. After a month he will have surgery again to put the lens back. I was really trembling when I heard the news but I am glad that the doctor assured them that he will be able to see again. For the meantime he will wear a contact lens with grade so he will be able to see while waiting for his original lens.

My sister was really mad and asked the teacher why on earth they let the maintenance guy do the grass cutting when it is school day. What if the blade came off and flew, it could have been deadly. Their reason is that it's an impromptu cleaning because they will have visitors' yada, yada. The school promised that the insurance will cover all the expenses. I just hope that everything will be alright with my nephew and he will get back his sight.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready to Vote?

If you are a citizen of this free country, now is the time to go out and exercise your right. This is the time for your voice to be heard. I persuaded my husband to vote and he already made his choices. He will be dropping off his ballot this afternoon. He got the mail in ballot so we will find a drop off place around lunch time to drop it off. If only I am already a citizen I will really vote. I want to make sure that my vote counts. This is a historic moment for whoever wins will really mark a history in the country.

There are so many facts that can be deduced from this election. I got this facts from watching CNN this early morning:
  • If Obama ticket wins, he will be the first Africa-American to become the President of the United States of America, the 27th lawyer to become president and the 3rd president from Illinois next to Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.
  • If elected, Joe Biden will be the first Vice President elected from Delaware.
  • If McCain ticket wins, he will be the 2nd US Naval Academy graduate elected for presidency; the first was Jimmy Carter.
  • If elected, Sarah Palin will be the first lady Vice President to serve the country.
There is one city here in the US that is already done with the election before other cities start opening the polling places and it is Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. According to the report, there were only 21 registered voters and Obama won by 15 against McCain's 6.

Visit Vegas Soon

I mentioned here in my blog before that I was delighted to know that one of our neighbors back in Philippines and previous co-workers are already here in the US. They all are living in different cities in Nevada. One of them called me up and she said hopefully we can have a get together. I really would love it. If ever we decided on the time we prefer to meet at las vegas nevada. That way we will enjoy the grandeur of the place while in each others company. I am so glad to be able to communicate to them. I am positive that we will be seeing each other soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Last year's Halloween I bought the costume above for our DD. I put it on her but we did not go trick-or-treating because it was really cold and we just stayed inside our friend's house. We had dinner in their place while the bigger kids went out to enjoy the trick-or-treating.

This year's Halloween we were not able to go out because it was raining. I don't like going around and we will be drenching so I decided to just stay home. Our DD for sure do not understand what the celebration is all about. When she will be 3 years old then we can go around along with other kids. I just took picture of her in her little pink butterfly costume as you can see below.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spider Traps

My husband dislike insects very much especially spiders. Every time he gets out to our porch he will be bringing a long broom with him to clean up his way first. He will sweep the beams of the porch fearing there will be spiders on top. I laughed at him when he do it and I teased him that why afraid of small insects; surely he is bigger than them. So I told him that he needs to get spider traps so he will not bring long broom stick again to ward off the insects. He just laughed but I know he is serious with it. I may have to buy the traps myself so he can relax once he is out in our porch. I pity looking at him combating the insects :-)

Selling Old Stuff

We have a two bedroom apartment and a good size closets but still we are in need of space to store our extra stuffs especially the baby gears that our DD is not using anymore. Hubby thought of donating it. All her baby gears are still in very good condition. I asked hubby to wait because maybe we will get pregnant again. Then he told me that for sure if we will have another baby I will get new stuff again.

So we decided to sell it and if it will not be sold we will donate it to Goodwill. We will be selling her crib with mattress, rainforest mobile, rainforest swing, bouncer, bassinet, and other stuffs. We had the pictures of it taken then we posted it in our mailbox area. We are selling it, of course, at a very low price. I hope we can dispose all of it soon because we are planning of getting a toddler bed for her. I already found online and I showed it to her. Seemed like she like it because she kept pointing at the picture. Hopefully everything will work out fine.


I got very busy with my class and some household errands that I forgot I got tasks to accomplish. I blame it to the weather :-) Yeah it was raining hard yesterday and we did a lot of driving all over the place. Hubby went to his office because their commander asked him of something. We were on our way to buy something at the store. I thought he will be there quick but he was there for more than 20 minutes. As usual since it was raining we stayed in the car. I am glad that even if it was raining the temperature is tolerable and not very that cold. So now I am here trying to catch up everything if it is still possible.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Parking War

I don't know if we will go out for trick or treating since it's raining cats and dogs here :-) It is very cold and I don't feel like going out in this weather. I woke up early again today because our DD had her appointment with her Nutritionist. I drove to the hospital and it's raining. The appointment was around 10:30am and I left the house 9:50am so I will have time to spare in case there is traffic or glitches. I arrived at the hospital parking 20 minutes early. It was very funny because the parking spaces at the side of the hospital where I am going to is limited.

When I got there the parking is already full and there were 7 cars and trucks driving around trying to look for vacant space. You have to be very quick to locate if somebody is going to pull out so you can get the space. I already made a loop 4 times then I spotted someone walking to his truck. I drove slowly until I know where he is parked at. Then I waited with my lights turning to the soon to be vacated space and I saw 2 cars behind me and one oncoming truck also looking for a space. Gladly, I was able to get the space.

It is really ridiculous. I wish they have more spaces there because there are too many people going in and the parking is limited. This is why everytime I go there I always give more time to spare because I know this happens all the time. At least if I have to wait for space I will not be late for the appointment.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Acne Help Revealed

When I woke up this morning and saw my face in the mirror I saw a little zit on the bridge of my nose. Now it's getting bigger. It is that time of the month again that I have to deal with pimples that sometimes will turn into acne. I am just glad that it will appear one or two at a time. So here I go again looking online for any acne treatment. I tried some over the counter ointment but it will not totally be gone. I saw this site wherein they feature acne spot treatment that I know can help those who have problem like mine. I have to get treatment for my pimple as soon as possible so it will not get worst.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Feel OK; Tag

Got tagged by Liza.

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller

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Bald and Advertising

One of my wishes is to be able to visit other countries in the different continents of the world. I have traveled to a lot of places and every time I visited a place it gives me another level of understanding about the place and the people living in there. Things that really interests me is not only the beautiful place but also seeing and knowing interesting stuff about them. Just like this interesting advertising scheme wherein bald heads will be used instead of billboards :-) Isn't it something?

Yes, very interesting indeed. This advertising method is what they called cranial advertising. A casting call will happen this late October selecting 30 adults with their heads shaved and to be tattooed. This is the marketing campaign plan of Air New Zealand at to promote a life-changing journey to the beautiful country of New Zealand. Those selected will be campaigning in Los Angeles. The picture below is what a cranial ad will look like.


Do you know of somebody who can sport and ad like this? Do you want to become a part of this life-changing campaign? Then check them out. Just remember though that you need to have your hair shaved off. I was telling my husband about it and he said he surely can do it; he's always bald anyway :-)

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