Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Day

Wow I can't believe it I did all my errands outside today. Yes I did all even though our DD was not cooperating to me but I still managed to do everything I need to do today. After lunch I changed our DD who was already complaining because she don't want to be bundled up. When I put her in the carseat the whining started. My first stop was Bank of America. It didn't take long for me to do my transaction since there were not much people in line. After the bank I went to the post office and sent stuff to hubby and mail letters. Then I went to Walgreens to pick up the pictures that hubby uploaded to be developed.

It was my first time to more than one errands in a day and have to drive all over the place. It was also my first time to drive around with so much traffic. The places that I went to are far from each other and boy it was very hassle with a little one. Everytime I stop I have to take her out and she was crying most of the time. Yesterday I went to Walmart and the same thing, going to the store and back home she was crying. I guess she didn't like being confined in the carseat and nobody there beside her.

I realized how hard it is to become single parent. Hats off to those single parent who, besides being alone, are able to pull through their daily lives and more. I can only wish I am in the Philippines so I can have somebody to watch our DD while doing all the task at hand. I just took pity on my little one that she has to endure also the stress of being in the carseat and strapped in even if she don't want to. But it is the only way I can do my errands. I just bit my lip while driving hearing her agony. We have to endure some more months of being like this and I will do my best to at least lessen her discomfort next time.

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Jeanne said...

my girl enjoyed sitting in the car seat.... maybe next time better

Bless said...

Hello. Yup I hope in time she will settle down when i put her in the carseat.

Summer said...

I cannot imagine how you manage when there is a baby behind your back crying. Good for you too kahit bago ka lang sa lugar, nakapag drive kang mag-isa. Hay ako, madaling natataranta. I plan before going in that place at pupunthan pa muna namin ni hubby bago ako nalang mag drive mag isa.

Good luck, what is 5 or 6 months, babalik din si hubby mo.

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