Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Challenge Tag

Recel gave me an extra challenging tag. It is really challenging. But I will do my best to beat the challenge. Here's my take below:

  1. Champion a child - target: I am prepping my little one to be a champion but there will be no pressure though.
  2. Encourage a co-worker - target: I am SAHM right now..maybe a family member and co-blogger.
  3. Read a great book - target: I think of many but I am not starting anything yet right now. Busy with other things or shall I say reading baby books.
  4. Do something that frightens you - target: Watching horror show?
  5. Write a thank you note - target: Yes for my hubby and family.
  6. Do something kind for a stranger - target: I smiled and said hello to a stranger I met outside today.
  7. Wow a customer - target: I can't think of anything other than the advertisers :-)
  8. Learn something new - target: Motherhood always makes me discover something new everyday.
  9. Let go of a resentment - target: It's not resentment but worries that I am letting go right now.
  10. Do better work - target: Bettering myself as a mother and a wife.
  11. Be more passionate - target: I am always passionate, in all aspects.
  12. Speak truthfully - target: I am doing my best and some more. Truth can set us free, ain't it?
  13. Stand for excellence - target: Always stand for excellence. Do not settle for less.
Whew! That was hard! Now I wanna tag jhona, chic shopaholic, scotty's princess, summer, and julianna.

2 Showed Some Love:

Summer said...

Thank you ha, I will do this pag may time na ha. Naka take note na sweetie.

Ritchelle said...

wow oy kita man guro tanan ang target ang mga anak... i got mine from recel.

Shiela turned a year old on New Year's eve.I mean 31st Dec...hehehe.hapit na sya mo 13 months pod.

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