Friday, January 25, 2008

Customer Service

Half of the day today I spent on the phone talking to customer service representatives. Yes I have issues that I needed to be addressed to regarding our banks, insurance, and other things. The automatic draft of our insurance payments that we thought went through unfortunately it didn't. So hubby told me to call CS because he can't do it. So I did. Then I called one of our account for a charge that I didn't recognize I did. And more other issues. But I am glad I talked to representatives that have sense and were able to help me with what I needed. They answered all my questions and shed light on issues that are vague to me. I am not use to talking to reps because hubby always do it. I leave these things to him. I felt now that I am being trained, immersed in a bootcamp to tackle this financial or household issues.

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sasha said...

Hi Bless! Thank goodness the CSs you were able to talk to are sensible and competent. Some of them kasi are not. Sarap ng feeling ng maraming natapos ano? :)

Bless said...

Yeah I know. It was a good thing I was able to talk to sensible people :-)

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