Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It took very long for me to have my biometrics for my removal of conditional status. According to the Immigration it is due to the bulk of applications and they have back logs as well. I was supposed to be processed in Texas Service Center but was transferred to California Service Center instead.

I submitted my Removal of Conditional Status on September 2007 because my residence card will expire in December 2007. In October I received a notification that my resident card is extended for a year because my application is still in process. In November we moved here in Washington State. I notified the Immigration about our move and change of address. I received another Notice of Action for my Biometrics. The date of my supposed to be fingerprinting is December 22, 2007 and it is in Atlanta, GA. I got the notice in December 24 and it is a holiday so I waited until the 26 to call USCIS.

On December 26 I called USCIS about my NOA and told them that we already moved. I got the Notice Receipt of my change of address. I was told that I will go to Seattle Immigration Office on that day so they can change my schedule. She even told me that I will have my Biometrics that day. The same day we went to Seattle Immigration Office. I was happy because hubby was still here that time. When we got there I was so excited but only disappointed when the Immigration Officer told me that I will be given another schedule because they need the Notice of Action that says I have to go to Seattle to have my Biometrics done.

It was really disappointing but I can't do anything about it. Early January I got the new Notice of Action and my schedule is on February 4, 2008. Since hubby is not around I drove there by myself with Shiloh. It was my first time to drive a long drive. About an hour one way in Interstate 5. It wa really nerve-wracking. I was praying hard I will survive the drive without any glitch. But with God's grace I was able to arrive there and back home safe and sound.
I am glad that it is already taken cared of and I am only waiting now for my 10-year residency card. I hope I will get it soon. I am very anxious to have it.

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Pinay WAHM said...

Ang hirap talaga maging foreign sa isang country, 'no? I am lucky kasi my hubby hired a lawyer [even if we could barely afford it]. Everything was a breeze kasi they would only notify us of the interview/fingerprinting schedules. Luckily, my hubs got a good lawyer kasi yung iba they just keep stretching everything to get more money from their clients like what happened to my friend.It took her 7 years to get her GC.

Anyway, I'm sending you lots of good vibes and prayers para matapos na yan.

Ingat lagi and hugs to your little angel...


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