Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lemon in Your Water

Do you always ask lemon with your drinking water when you dine in any restaurants? There was a study conducted by clinical Microbiologists about the lemon that we usually ask for our drinking water. The result was very disgusting. Accordingly, there were around 25 species of microorganisms or bacteria found in the lemon. It comes from either skin, saliva, environment, dust and even fecal matter. Can you believe how gross it is? This is very alarming. I don't usually have lemon in my water but if I ask I will let them know not to put it in my water. I want it separate. But the same thing, we do not know how long they have those lemons cut and exposed in the air. When you squeezed it to your water bacteria squeezed through with it as well. So from now on I will not ask lemon anymore for my water. You can read more on this news at

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