Thursday, February 7, 2008

Of Being Cooked-up

Yeah me and Shiloh is cooked up in the house the whole day today. I was planning to go out and go to couple of stores but it is very windy and raining. The weather has been like this since last week when we had the snow storm. Yesterday we had the wind storm and until today. Last night the power was off twice because of the strong gust of wind. I readied my flash light in case it will happen again. So the whole day we just stayed home and I was able to start ironing. I started Shiloh's because it is already a big pile and overflowing the hamper. I am not done with it though. Then tomorrow I may iron mines. I am also sorting her clothes and take out those that she can't wear anymore. I guess I did a lot today :-)

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Jeanne said...

Here we got also storm and rainy all the is better...and today according to the weather new, would be a nice day with sunshine also tomorrow... i wish you a great weekend:)

Bless said...

Thanks for the message have great weekend as well.

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