Monday, February 25, 2008

One Acquaintance a Month

I was talking to hubby this morning and I told him about my new acquaintances. I mentioned that I met a Filipina last month at Walmart. Then last Saturday I went to the Filipino resto down the road. The owner, whom I already befriended with, asked me again where we are staying. I told her our apartment and she said she has a friend that lives in the same apartment complex with. They are Filipino couple, D & L, with 2 kids and just got here last December. She called her friend and told her about me. Then last night L, my neighbor, called me and introduced herself. They are on their way to church and asked me if it is okay to see them after they got back from church. So then around 7pm I met them outside our building. They are very nice and I am looking forward to hang out with her or have a chit chat :-)

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Chant said...

good for you, in here I just saw 2 Filipinas and they're old too so I can't hang out with them, too bad :(

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