Friday, March 28, 2008

451 Smart fortwo Joins 2008 One Lap of America

In May will kick off the 2008 One Lap of America wherein there will be a car race that goes all around the mainland US of A. This Road Rallies that is lapping the US follows a define and precise instructions of the exact route and speed. The first official race was called the Cannonball One Lap of America was in 1984 that started and finished in Darien, Connecticut. And from then on there is an event that happen every year. Although there are changes with format as the years went on. (source:

This year the former Canonball Run will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and is called 2008 One Lap of America. The 451 Smart fortwo will be joining the race. This will be their first time they will be joining for this historic event. If you do not know what is 451, it is the version number of all current smart fortwos that is being all over the world and is being used to define the 2008 smart fortwo sold here in the US as well as in Canada. And although it has been only a couple of months that it is being introduced and sold here in the US but it already has gained a lot of attention and amazement from so many people.

Honestly, when I first saw this car online it look so cute and wish I can own one :-) I love the design. It looks like it will be fun driving it around the city. I heard that 451s is very economical and is comparable to a Ferrari. It's gas mileage is far more than the other cars that will join the race rally. On the 2008 One Lap of America race, Mr. Stephen Noton will drive 451 smart along with his co-driver. It will be a record when this tiny of a car but very reliable will beat other well known vehicles.

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