Saturday, March 1, 2008

Breastfeeding and Teething

Until now I am still breastfeeding my little girl. She will be 10 months old this month and I am surprised I still have lots of milk although I give her formula about 12-16 oz a day just to make sure she is well supplemented. My Mom told me to wean her because she is already teething and she may bite my nipples while I am feeding her. But by God's grace she did not do it yet to me. Although she will bit my shoulder or hand or palm when she feels her gums itchy or what not but she didn't. I hope I can still breastfeed her until she will turn a year old and then I will start weaning her. Right now she has 4 teeth already and sure am it will hurt as heck if she bites I just hope she will not do it to me :-)

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Babette said...

great job on breastfeeding, sa akin si amber lang ang matagal but di kasing tagal ng baby mo. with tyler naman I dont have much milk so sandali lang sya.

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