Monday, March 17, 2008

Chat with my Family

I am happy since I was able to talk to my family back in Philippines. I am glad that they are all fine and my father is already recovering from having an amoeba. They had him on IV (dextrose) at home since he don't wanna go to the hospital. I talked to him and he was able to hear his granddaughter laughing and mumbling at the background. They are happy just to hear her voice. My Mom said they wish they can see her soon. I know. I wanted to see them soon as well. I told my Mom to go with my sis to an internet cafe so we can chat online and use the web cam. Hopefully within this week they can do it.

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Yen said...

Hi Bless! I'm glad your Dad is ok na..Mahirap talaga pag our family back home is not feeling well or may sakit! Xo

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