Thursday, March 6, 2008

Current Reading Meme

Ice tagged me this :-)


1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Look up page 123.
3. Look for the fifth sentence.
4. Post the three sentences that follow the fifth sentence.

As I have said in my other blog that I am currently reading two books. A New Earth and Women & Money. Both books I find so helpful in enriching your life. You will be awaken if you read it and it's best to follow it as well. Right now I am following what Suze Orman is trying to impart in her book. I learn so much about saving and preparing for the future. It is very empowering as a woman when you follow her advice.

"To encourage you to save, the traditional 401(k) plans have a bunch of tax breaks. First, the money you invest in the plan— known as your contribution—is taken out of your paycheck
before taxes. So every dollar that you invest in your retirement plan reduces your taxable income for that year by $1."

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Ice said...

thanks Bless for accepting this. It's good to know that you're also reading Suze's book. :)

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