Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Schools in New York

Speaking about fashion, I noticed that New York is the center of fashions, trends and styles here in the US. People all over the world will look at NY aside from Paris for fashion as well. What style is new in the market, you can find it first in New York. That is why you can also find most of the fashion schools in New York. I was browsing online where to find fashion schools and the best that I find is in New York. I browsed through the fashion school finder and I found more featured New York fashion schools than other state in the US. These schools includes Katharine Gibbs School, The Art Institute, the Westwood College and others. I have a friend who wanted to pursue a career in fashion design and I can give her this fashion school finder so she can get more information about a fashion school in New York. She likes one in New York because it is the fashion capital. The opportunities later on are humongous. Most of the celebrity fashion designers are there in New York. So if you have the talent in fashion check out fashion school in New York and pursue your career.

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