Wednesday, March 5, 2008

List Your Ads at

There are many forms of advertising nowadays. Blogging, print ads, television, radio, text link ads and some other media. But have you heard of something where you just list your ads and you will even get paid? Yes, there is such a thing and it's at Listasaurus is known to be the first website that accepts to list classified ads and pay you in return for listing the ads. How cool is that, eh? In their website not only you can list ads but also search classified ads and find business services in your area. They provide the ads locally and nationally, a very low cost advertising for your business in their Business Directory.

Right now they aside from just listing your text ads they are accepting video classifieds. It is very beneficial to your business if you want to list your ad because you can include video clips about your business. This will give more ideas to your prospective clients of what services or facilities you have that the would be consumers should check out. Like if you are going to sell cars or real estate, it is best to put a video of what you are offering, right? So try listasaurus now to list your ads and don't forget to make it a video classifieds so you will get more of your business and you will get paid too for listing your ads :-)

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