Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday's Errand

The day is not good because it is very windy and raining but I have to go out and do my errands. I have to mail my box of goodies, along with our letters and card to our Daddy, mail payment bills. I went out almost 2pm because I waited for hubby's call. When I reached the store, Mr. Postman, I told the lady I will do money order. I did not know that they need cash for money order and I did not bring cash so I have to go to a bank. The ATM is a drive thru so I just open my window and make a transaction. My problem was I forgot the PIN for our debit card. Good thing I brought my own so I was able to take money out after I got some food stuff at Walmart. After my transaction at the store I went home and the rain was pouring so heavily. I was driving slow because the wind slammed at the car. Glad we got home without any glitch.

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