Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1. What was the last movie you bought/rented? Teletubbies
2. Have you ever gone too far on a dare? Not yet.
3. Can you sing the alphabet backwards? Are you kidding me? Hehehe I can't.
4. Are you allergic to anything? What? Nope.
5. Do you cry at weddings? Not really.
6. Name one person you want to hug right now. Why? Hubby.
7. Hair….natural or colored? Natural.
8. Do you like camping? Yes.
9. Most annoying TV commercial? I can't think right now.
10. Favorite place to shop? A lot. But for my baby it's the Gap.

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Borski and Nai said...

hi..enjoyed your version of answers on the QOTW. hope you can check out ours as well.. :)

Agring said...

I guess no one watches TV anymore huh! me too I don't know.

Sunshine4Life said...

interesting answers, Bless.

mine is up too:

happy mid-week!

sasha said...

Short and sweet :) Mine's up as well. Hope you can visit and read my answers to this week's QOTW, Bless :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing, Bless!

Mine is up na rin. :)

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