Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here are the questions for this week. I will post my answer later.

1. Have you ever had a summer romance? Care to share?
2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes I do.
3. 'You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without.’ What do you think of this quote?
I agree. If you want to marry somebody make sure that he is the one.
4. Where does true beauty lie? On the inside or on the outside?
Both inside and out.
5. Did you ever had a crush on a classmate or teacher? Who was it?
Instructor in college. All of my girl friends including me giggles when he arrives in our class. He has a very nice writing too. He is our Physics Instructor :-)
6. Summer wear….shorts or capris?
7. Would you ride a roller coaster or sky dive?
I do ride in a roller coaster and wish I can go sky diving someday.
8. Last stupid thing you have done?
Sending a cashier's check for our bill payment without information on it except our names. Glad I was able to call the company and let them know I sent a check.
9. Any summer plans? Trips, vacations and etc. Where?
We have plan to go somewhere when hubby comes back from deployment.
10. In one word, define yourself!

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HappyHeart said...

Hi Bless, can I answer this one in my blog?..thanks

Bless said...

Hello sure you can grab it and join the fun :-)

Jacq said...

I enjoyed reading your answers :)

Suzanne said...

Hello Bless! I wish I can describe myself as patient too! Hehe! I have been asking nga kung saan pwedeng bumili ng extrang patience. :D Care to share? LOL!

ZJ said...

Hi Bless. Visiting from Yen's QoTW. With my kind of job, I wish I have enough patience to last me a day.

mari said...

hi bless, dropping by from QOTW :) buti ka pa, di takot magroller coaster :p

alpha said...

hi bless! thanks for checking out my qotw :D

mzaprille said...

Hello, just bloghopping for Yen's QOTW :) have a great day

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