Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Rules of Four

Vien tagged me this:

4 jobs i have had :

Private Secretary to the Vice Governor (LGU) - Philippines
Clerk/Computer Operator (LGU) - Philippines
Nursing Assistant (Care and Rehab Facility) - GA, USA
Sales Asst. Manager (Kirkland's) - GA, USA

4 movies i watched over and over :

Day After Tomorrow
Star Wars Saga
Not really fond of watching movies again and again :-)

4 places i have lived :
My Province Agusan del Sur - where I was born
- Marawi City - 4 years in College
Kentucky, USA - lived for 3 months
Georgia, USA - lived for 3 years
Now here in Washington, USA

4 shows i watch :

Oprah and Ellen
Food Network
TLC shows
HGTV channel shows

4 places i have been :
Great Britain and Wales
Honolulu, Hawaii
Orlando, Florida

4 people who email me :
Sister Grace
Friend Nylpha
Friend Claudine

4 favorite things to eat :
there's a lot that i love to eat.

4 places i would rather be :

anywhere relaxing and beautiful.

4 things i look forward to this year :
hubby's home coming
Shiloh's birthday

travel and vacation

maybe home buying

I am tagging Nova, Grace, Amy, Bheng and Gina.

1 Showed Some Love:

NoVa said...

hi sis, i got you some AWARD, in exchange with your four tags which i'm already done by now...

here is the link:

buzz me afterwards after doing it...*hugs*

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