Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I am not really doing the tossing and turning of furniture when I am cleaning since there's not much to clean anyhow. If you have a baby everyday is cleaning day for you. What I am trying to clean sweep is our closet. I already packed Shiloh's small clothes and I am now doing our closet. When I took out all my old clothes that I don't like to wear anymore, some of it has still tag in it, looks like I will not have enough clothing left :-) I am planning to send it back home since I have a lot of relatives that can still wear it. I already packed one balikbayan box and I will need another one for some of the goodies that I bought for them. I am not a pack rat and neither is hubby so I really don't have a pile here. So spring cleaning is very easy for me to do.

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rose said...

elow ate mustah ka na po happy easter po sau. Btw po kamustah ka naman po at kamusta rin po ang holy week mo po saan po kayo nagbakasyon lol. Pacencia na po pala kung now lang ulit ako nakdalw dito po sa blog mo kasi naging busy ako eh. Btw blog hope lang po take always po ate mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


tan-awa did2 sis naa ka didto tanan..pls let me know if human na nimo add...pls also vote for me..naasa ako

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