Friday, March 21, 2008

What Ellen DeGeneres said about Philippines

Ellen DeGeneres is a famous Hollywood actress and award winning talk show host here in the US. Her tv show has been a medium for a lot of talents from other countries, like, featuring talents she found from YouTube. This morning I was watching her show and she mentioned again another singer/band from Philippines that I believe they invited to guest in her show. She said there are so many talented people in the Philippines. She mentioned about Charisse Pempengco and then this new discovery on YouTube, Arnel Pineda. I am proud to hear that people like her recognizes our country and go above and beyond by inviting these talents to grace her show.

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She said...

Alam mo Bless, she is actually doing so much good for new talents talaga. Arnel Pineda is the new frontman of The Journey and he is really one heck of a singer!

I do hope there will be more Ellen around the world :)

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