Thursday, April 3, 2008

Credit Network

While I was in the Philippines I did not have any credit cards whatsoever. Only people who are wealthy then can afford to own one. Then I heard now that credit card is very popular there and even a mere employee with fair income has one. When I got here in the US hubby educate me about credit cards. And due to my curiosity I researched on it and I found a lot of information. The most important thing that hubby had told me is to take good care of your credit. It will be the basis in almost everything that concerns financial aspect of an American life.

I learned now that before you apply for credit cards you need to shop and compare. There are lots of credit card features you need to look before applying. It is best to look for a credit network wherein they have reviews on credit cards based on the features such as APR or low interest rates, balance transfers, cash back, rewards card, business and pre-paid credit cards. You can research in there first and then compare the different credit card company's offers and then apply for the best one that suits for you. It is also very important to read the fine prints of the credit card you applied for to avoid confusions later on.

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AbBy said...

you know what? this is true. Credit card is something we (me and hubby) abhor here in RP, but when he went there, the first thing he did was apply for one! And I finally found the courage to apply myself here since i felt the need (not the urge) because of paypal...hehehe.

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