Thursday, April 3, 2008

Electronic Bill Pay

Many people are still afraid of paying bills online because of identity theft. Me and my husband pays all our bills online. We have the payment arranged direct from our bank. It is really very convenient. We just monitor it if it is properly taken out on the right date and the right amount. The only thing that we pay using our check is our rent. I was also skeptical before of paying bills online.

This morning I was watching the Today Show and it was said that it is best to set up your bill payments electronically because aside from its convenience and paperless, the risk of information stealing is less. Accordingly, there are lots of cases of mail stealing right in our own backyard. If you send out your bills through the courier, you will include in your check some of your information which is very prone for stealing. The lesson here is to be very vigilant and careful when writing your information. Make the habit of shredding paperworks that contain your information. Even if it is only you name, you have to shred it.

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