Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everyday Cleaning

Having a child in the house doubled my time to allot in cleaning. Before I only do weekly thorough cleaning but now since I gave birth I make sure to dust almost everyday, vacuum and mop kitchen and bathroom. I am not really a total neat freak but I just want to make sure our DD will not catch germs. I also decided to go green with my cleaning supplies. I started by using a microfiber mops and rugs for our floors and counters. We do have a lot of cleaning liquids that I need to dispose of and replaced with green products soon. Just knowing all these hazardous chemicals we are inhaling in our household is enough for me to fear for our DD's development. I believe all mothers should look into it now and start the change.

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Amy said...

dae bless, goodmorning! thanks for adding my foodblog here.. that's so nice of you:)

let me know kon duna paka lain blog na wala sa ako list palihug lang og leave message sa comment box ha para ako sab ma add og apil diri. have a nice day to you & family! ayo-ayo kanunay:)

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