Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hails in Spring

Actually this picture was taken on March 30 at the back of our apartment unit. It was very strange when it's already spring and hails are pouring. I was just amazed when only for a few minutes and the ground was already blanketed with ice pellets. My friend who used to live here in WA was telling it wasn't this snowy as before. How really strange the nature is. This is the secret of the weather that even the experts cannot explain.

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Sexymom said...

Naghahatid lang ng tag, pls do it soon kase konte pa lang ang sumali. Here’s the link.

Jona said...

hi! if it's snowing there, it's burning heat here in the Phils. :)
thanks for visiting my site....ex-link? :) good morning!

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