Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Little Investing on the Sides

My Mom sent me a message through text to call her and it says important. If I read that kind of message I easily get nervous. But when I called her she said that she already did what I asked her the other day. I got relieved that it is not something I should get nervous about.

What it was is that I asked my Mom to go to my cooperative bank back in our town where I am a member. I thought my membership was already cut off because it's been years that I did not do anything about it. I was encouraged by a friend who also have a coop bank membership and her account is active and doing good. So I called the bank and asked my friend if I can activate it and maybe make a little investment. She said I can and I am still earning dividend through the years. That is very cool. So my Mom went there and got me another pass book. I am planning to put in a little amount and just save it there so when we go home we will have something to look forward to.

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