Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pregnant Man

I was watching Oprah this afternoon and her guest was the "pregnant man" Thomas from Bend, Oregon. He is a transgender man but did not have his internal reproductive organs removed. Since his wife cannot bear a child anymore and they want to have children he is the one who got pregnant. They also told that this is his second pregnancy. Last year he got pregnant but it was an ectopic pregnancy. He had surgery because of it.

I must say that at this point in time there will be a lot of abhorrent remarks about his situation. And that more people in the world is not yet ready to embrace such idea. But for me, it's their choice and they have the absolute right to fulfill the happiness for their family. I can see that they are both capable parents and most of all their family supports them. Hope he will have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

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AbBy said...

Lucky woman! If men would want to do the same, my god! i want another child, a girl, if possible..hehehe. But how was that possible?

Imelda said...

See what advance technology can do to mankind.I wish i can find a man like him, who will be willing to sire for me our baby, just for once.Ty for the info, not a viewer of Oprah.

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