Tuesday, April 1, 2008


1. What was the last song you listened to?
Ans. Nursery Rhymes
2. What’s the name of your bestfriend? Describe her.
Ans. January
3. What is your favorite fruit? [fruits]
Ans. Mango, Strawberry and Grapes
4. What is your worst bad habit?
Ans. dilly-dally
5. Do fish have feelings?
Ans. I guess :-) They wriggle when you touch them.
6. What do you think about copycats?
Ans. They should stop it and be original.
7. How do you release anger?
Ans. Breath deep and keep quite.
8. Do you have a nickname?
Ans. Berang
9. I say orange. What comes to mind first?
Ans. Juice
10. Do you play a musical instrument?
Ans. Yes. Guitar, but I am not really good.

1 Showed Some Love:

Chikai said...

wow bless! you know how play the guitar pala. maayo pa ka oi. ;)

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