Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is my answers for the QOTW.

Join here.

1. Have you tried running far away from home alone? How does it feel?
= I haven't tried it.
2. Who or what is most beautiful to you?
= A beautiful person to me is somebody confident and down to earth.
3. You are still sleeping and suddenly someone wakes you up. What would be your first reaction?
= I surely will be annoyed but curious why.
4. What’s your significant other/partner/husband/wife calls you? And what do you call him/her?
= We call each other honey.
5. Someone is knocking at your car window, and you see a little girl selling fruits for $1. Are you going to buy one or just ignore her? Please be honest.
= I will buy.
6. What time did you wake up today? Happy or Sad?
= Around 9AM. Happy for another day but a bit tired.
7. Do you go to work everyday? Where?
= I don't work outside.
8. What did you do this past weekend?
= Did some housework and chatted with hubby.
9. A random photo off the web…anything at all that you think is worth posting. Post it here.

10. Why did you chose that picture/image?
= It is a sculpture of mother earth I uploaded from Yahoo. It is in honor of this Earth day.

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Ladynred said...

Great answers Bless. Same here we both call each other honey too!
That is nice image to honor Earth day!

sasha said...

Hi Bless! Nice answers and the photo is great! Happy Earth Day!

My QOTW entry is now up as well. Come visit if you have the time :)

jennyr said...

nice photo! and we have same answer for #4! mine's up at this link! Hope you can stop by...

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