Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rice Crisis in the Philippines

I was watching Philippine news this afternoon and reports about people fighting with the line they are queuing just to get a low price of rice from NFA (National Food Authority). I am wondering why this is seem like panic buying among Filipinos. Is there really a shortage of rice in the Philippines? According to the government there is enough rice supply but why would the people act like there will be no rice tomorrow?

One thing I don't like is how they claim that Philippine economy is strong but prices of basic commodities are souring high. I was shocked how the sardines which to my memory was Php5.00 before now it's Php9.50. That is ridiculous. The dollar went down and the peso went up but still more and more people are not able to support their basic necessities. Another thing, the business owners or rice wholesalers or retailers are also taking advantage of the situation wherein they just think of profit. I think it's not only the government who will change as well as capitalist business people that only think of their own interest.

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Imelda said...

I don't believe there is rice shortage. It's just the newspaper who is sensational about this.I live in Tacloban but i dont see any people queing to buy rice. But, im pretty sure there are hoarders who are taking advantage of the situtation. May their souls rot in hell.

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