Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What To Do: Beauty Products Gone Bad

I love reading GoodHousekeeping magazine. It gives a lot of information on almost everything. Simple tips and tricks as well as giving insightful infos about new products in the market. They also have recipes that I like to try out once in a while.

I know all ladies uses cosmetics or any beauty products and some of us collects it too, right? And if you notice you have a bunch in your bathroom from years and years back, you might need to toss those that are gone bad. If you retain it in your bathroom it will only collect dusts as well as occupy space. Not only that you may be using it when it is already expired and bad to use.

So just make sure to check it's expiration date and if it's over you need to toss it away. Those that don't have expiration, below are the suggested toss-it-time according to GH mag:

* Skin care - read expiration date and those that don't have, if it is in pump bottles it can go after a year and others after 6 months in use.

* Nail Polish - 1 to 2 years

* Lipstick and gloss is 1 year and lipliner up to 2 years.

* Liquid eyeliners 3 months; cream eyeshadows 6 months; pencil eyeliners and powder eyeshadows 2 years.

* Mascara 3 months.

* Face Make-ups, 6 months for liquids and 2 years for powders.

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