Friday, April 4, 2008

X-Ray Technician Training

Having a pre-medical degree as a background is pushing me to pursue another course that is still in medical field. Back in Georgia I started taking classes that I can be credited in any medical courses that I wanted to take. Now that we moved I am thinking of going back to school and thinking instead of taking up Nursing I will enroll to become an x-ray technician. I know of somebody who just finished training as an xray technician and he said that he love his job and it pays real good. I am really sold out to this idea and now I can say that I am more leaning towards taking up Radiologic Technology and become an x ray technician.

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AbBy said...

hello! really cute profile...I've been wanting to change my layout without hampering my links...pano?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of becoming an X-ray Technician at Maric College this August 2008. I don't really know anything about being one, but could you tell me what subject i should be focusing on or be good at to have a better grade at school? And what is the difference between X-ray Technician and Radiologic Technologist...Is that another course I should take after taking the other?

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