Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Heart ailments run in our family. My older brother died of cardiac arrest. It is very important that we should be aware if we are at risk or not. I saw this video about Sudden Cardiac Arrest that is brought by the St. Jude Medical presented by Dr. Charles Machell. He talks about SCA that resulted from irregular heart rhythms. These rhythms are what they called arrhythmia wherein the heart beats so fast and how Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator can help in lowering heart beat or dysrhythmia the slow heartbeat and a Pacemaker can help in increasing heart beat. His topic is very interesting and the video is very informative. You should check it out too and learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The website is

Woman in the Closet

Have you heard the news about an old woman lives in the closet of a man for almost a year without being noticed nor detected? It is unbelievable but I read it in Yahoo news that in Japan a 57 year old woman was able to sneaked inside a man's house and she live on the upper part of the man's closet for almost a year. The man was wondering why her food disappeared the past months without him eating it.

So he installed a camera that he can access through his cellphone then he was able to see some movement inside the house. He called the Police and when they went to his house all the doors and windows are locked. They searched the whole house and there they saw the old lady curled inside the closet. My, this is something. I don't know about you, but for me I can since if somebody is in the same room with me. This man must be very busy and not at home all the time to notice that somebody is living with him in the house.

Accordingly, the old lady was still able to use the toilet and even took a shower too. The man said that she is also neat and clean :-) She should or else she will stink in the man's closet.

Watches and Beyond

You don't have to exhaust yourself and look far to buy luxury watches. You can get one or more from Watches and Beyond. They sells designer watches for men and women from all brands. Eversince I love to own a Gucci watch just like the one in the picture. I have ti save more money to buy it though :-) At Watches and Beyond its price is far lower than its competitor. So given I have enough money I will buy it from them.

New Spelling Bee Champ

I watched the 81st version of the National Scripps Spelling Bee earlier at ABC. The champion Sameer Mishra from West Lafayette, Indiana. He is very funny young boy. He always has words to say everytime he will be given a word to spell. The last word he spelled that got him the trophy was "guerdon". The words thrown to them are really tough but they are all good. I can't imagine myself reading 20 pages of the dictionary everyday :-) These kids are really very gifted on this aspect and they have the perseverance to endure as well as learn the words which some of them I think are not in the dictionary.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Financial Advisor

If you are looking for a financial advisor that will help you in managing your finances you can hire LPL Financial. This is an independent advisor services that is the largest in the nation when it comes to independent brokerage and or dealership. They have over 11,000 financial advisers that have the expertise and well equipped with tools and infrastructure to help their clients. Their programs and services are financial planning and advisory. Among their products are retirement planning, investments, mutual funds, annuities, securities, college funding, insurance and many others. I know we need to have retirement plans to prepare us for the future. You can select from among their products what you think is best to invest in which yield a high return.

LPL Financial uses top of the line technology, quality research, and non-proprietary investment in bringing their products to their clients. Their website offers comprehensive information about their capabilities. If you want to know more about these services you can download this information at their website They also have free download of their handbook for independence. Their website is also well equipped with video demos and other important news and updates since they have their own media center. So if you want to succeed and gain financial freedom, check LPL Financial and make them your financial advisor now.

Oprah's Repeat Shows

Every afternoon I watch Oprah show and this week I am dismayed because all episodes are repeats. I heard on Today show wit Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford that Oprah's viewer decreased compared to previous years. I think most shows have decreasing viewers because there are so many shows in the cable already. Some shows overlaps each other so the viewers are also divided. I really hope that the coming weeks they will air new and fresh episodes that we can really look forward to.

Dancing Rings

Another Pinoy pride is Joe Datuin who is an artist. He currently won first prize in his sculpture work of the dancing rings that was shown in Switzerland. This dancing rings depicts the Olympic rings symbol. His work will be featured in the upcoming 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Mr. Datuin accordingly once work as graphic artist at ABS-CBN's news and current affairs. I would say that 2008 is really a good year for all talented Filipinos. They have been recognized all over the world. This only shows that Filipino's talents are really world class.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toyota in Leesburg, VA

Toyota is producing the most efficient hybrid car you can drive on the road. Most of the vehicles they manufacture are really on top of the line when you speak about vehicles. If you are living in Leesburg, VA area you can check out Koons Tyson Toyota. New Toyota Leesburg VA at Koons have a very wide selection. New Toyota selections include SUVs, mini-vans, trucks and cars. They also have selections for used cars. Their used cars are certified, very reliable and in excellent condition.

Koons as a dealership provides complete auto services in Virginia. They value their customer that is why they want to give them the best services they can give. Not only providing them with quality Toyota vehicles but also great customer service. They also help in finding a good financing solution so you can get your dream vehicle. They help through finding a financial service that will not rip you off instead give you, if possible, the lowest possible rate. They also have the best technical staff that helps you in servicing your vehicle. So to get your own vehicle, go to no other than New Toyota Leesburg VA by Koons. You are sure to get the best deal, excellent customer service and affordable car loan financing.

So You Think You Can Dance

Yes another of my favorite TV contest So You Think You Can Dance is back now on Fox. I enjoyed watching this kind of reality tv show wherein an individual or group are showing off their talents. Not only that it is entertaining but also very inspiring to see all the talented people competing. Sometimes it is kinda funny because others would still insist that they are good when they can't even dance. Just like in American Idol they have the guts to audition even if they are out of tune. I also like the host Cat Deeley. I like her accent and she is beautiful.

Werner New Cadillac in Manchester, NH

Who wouldn't want to drive an Escalade? I think if given a chance to drive one or own one I would really take it. Escalade is manufactured by Cadillac and accordingly they are the first manufacturer to utilize the skills of a designer to produce a car's body instead of an engineer (1927). This gave the public a car that looked as good as it performed. That is why I was wondering how this type of vehicle really looks sleek and classy. I have a co-worker in the Nursing Home that I work before and she is driving a brand new Escalade and it is very nice.

If you are looking for Cadillac cars Werner dealership is selling New Cadillac Manchester NH areas. They are the largest dealership in Manchester, Concord or Nashua, NH area and even if you look for any model they can possibly give it to you. If you want a mid-size sport sedan, the Cadillac CTS is the right one for you that combines luxury with the Cadillac's tradition of performance. They also have selection if you want a luxury sedan, the Cadillac Deville or DTS is your choices. It has an uncompromising comfort coupled with the power and responsiveness from the famous Northstar system. They also have the ultimate sport sedan that has great torque and great suspension that would really give you the feel of being in control while driving. So if you are in Manchester, NH area, check out Werner and test drive new Cadillac cars now.

Hollywood Mamas

Seemed like Hollywood is very productive this year when it comes to having babies of course. There is Angelina Jolie who is about due to give birth with twins, Nicole Kidman's first baby at 40, Gwen Stefani and Tori Spelling for their second babies, Jessica Alba as a first time Mom due in June, Minnie Driver who only revealed that her baby's dad is British and then Ashlee Simpson who just got married is also on the family way. Even they are very pregnant, they still look very fabulous. Their being pregnant is really a very popular topic with the paparazzi and entertainment news.

Koons Toyota Dealership

I mentioned in my previous post about Koons Toyota in Virginia and I learned more that they are also the largest Toyota Corolla dealer in VA. This Toyota Corolla Virginia dealership is the best and has the widest selection in the Springfield VA, Falls Church VA, Tysons Corner VA, Arlington VA, Fairfax VA, and Alexandria VA areas. Koons Toyota brings vehicle dealership revolution in VA by making sure to give consumers the best and quality customer service, putting all their customers on top. They even go above and beyond for customers by giving them what Toyota Corolla model they want. They really welcome customers and encourages them to test drive their vehicles to get the feel of how great they are.

According to Koons, Toyota also introduces new technologies to the Alexandria VA, Falls Church VA, Arlington VA, Springfield VA and Tysons Corner VA areas. This is through including one of the first mass-produced hybrid gas-electric vehicles. Some of its top high tech features are the Advanced Parking Guidance System (automatic parking), a four-speed electronically controlled automatic with buttons for power and economy shifting, and an eight-speed automatic transmission. So if you are in Virginia area and you wanted a Toyota vehicle visit Toyota Koons and see what they can offer to you.

Handbag Lover

I know of some people that have this addiction to bags and it cost them some fortune. But do you know that you can now borrow designer handbags? I just learn that this online store Buy, Borrow or is a Seattle based company that lets you buy or borrow designer handbags. The owner said on an interview that their clients increased now because some are opting to borrow instead of buy because of its high prize. Someone is being interviewed what if during the course you are tainted or tore something in a bag, and she said that the wear and tear comes with what you are paying. This is a good idea and if you are bag addict and just need bag for one occasion, you can just borrow for a less price than paying too much.

Biggest Camry Toyota Dealership in Virginia

When we were in South Carolina I was in conversation with my husband's niece who just turned 16. We were talking about what car she wanted to drive because she is currently learning how to drive. She said that her Dad promised her a Toyota Camry. She likes the car because she was able to have a ride from her friend who is also driving the same. She said that the car really fit her and her personality. I agree with her and told her that it is also an economy car, which is very good for a new driver like her.

Speaking of this type of car, those who live in Virginia can choose from the wide selection of Toyota cars in Koons Toyota. The Toyota Camry Virginia selections are either new or used. This Koons dealership is servicing Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Fairfax VA, Falls Church VA, Springfield VA and Tysons Corner VA. They are very reliable dealership and provide quality service to their clients. They always make sure that customer comes first. If you get your Toyota Camry from them, you will get a free car care kit. So if you are in Virginia area and needs a car, check out Koons Toyota now.

Recycling Contest

In Seattle there is a recycling contest going by one community. They are doing this to encourage everyone to join the recycling effort to help our environment. I saw in our local news how the residents laid out their trash on the street and somebody is checking if the residents were throwing trash in the right bin. They found out that most of the trashes are leftover food and unused food staples. The food trash were being thrown in a compost so it will become a good soil and the bottles, boxes and others are segregated for recycling. This is a good idea wherein the whole community is involve in recycling drive. If there is one near here I would really participate.

Mercedes Benz in DC Area

One of the cars that I really found very attractive and wants to own is Mercedes Benz. When I was a kid what I have in my mind is that if you are driving a Mercedes Benz you are one of the richest. In my young mind, those who can own one are only those rich or well to do family. Even my father told me that he wish he can own one or even just to drive one. I joked at him that if I will win in lotto I will buy him two. Talking about this classy vehicle, if you live in Washing DC are and you are planning of buying a Mercedes Benz, you can check out American Service Center at

They are the known New Mercedes DC dealership in the area and they have wide selection of Mercedes vehicles of different models. They have luxury sedan, sport sedan which you can also select if you want the ultimate one that gives you the full control when driving it or if you want the mid-size sport sedan that gives you the comfort you want and it has the great value than other import mid-size cars. They also have the Mercedes GL-class that is perfect to shuttle you around town even if it is for business or pleasure. Not only these but they have all the models you want. You can let them know what you want and they will give it to you. Check them out now and get the best vehicle you deserve only at New Mercedes DC area.

Lame Day

I did not go out today as opposed to my plan of going to Walmart for some grocery shopping. I have a lot of things to do since hubby will be here very, very soon. I need to clean the house, iron clothes, do the rest of our laundry and prepares something for him. He has been asking me what I am planning. Of course I did not tell him because it will not be a surprise. But the day is so near already and I still did not do nothing. I hope I will be able to do some of my supposed task tomorrow and put all my plans in place.

I Want a Beautiful Smile

Eversince I was in high school I have this dental problem. Last December I had dental procedure and according to my dentist I need more procedure. They suggested something about cosmetic dentistry. Then I searched online and saw this Beverly Hills dental care headed by Dr. Maddahi. He is a known Beverly Hills dentist that offers services such as cosmetic dentistry to provide complete smile makeovers to his clients. His clinic is on top of the line and he uses advance dental techniques. I am very chicken with any drilling in my gums and according to his website he uses painless air drills, miniature cameras and digital x-rays as his dental techniques. If you want to have a beautiful smile, you can get his service and you will get the best smile you can ever get. His website has this personal smile evaluation so you will know what you really want and they can give it to you.

Gary Valenciano Concert

I was watching ASAP last Sunday and Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano himself announced that he will have a concert in Seattle, I believe in June or July. I forgot the exact date. I wish I will be able to go and see it. Hubby will be here that time maybe we can arrange to go there. My friend here said that maybe we can make it a date and leave our babies to our hubbies. It's a good idea :-) I hope we can arrange for it and enjoy a girls night out.


I am doing some monitoring on the status of my husband's flight at this time. We were given a DoD site where we can access to check when they will be here in the US exactly. It is very convenient to check on the site given because it is updated all the time and it will enable me to prepare when to go ahead to post to meet them. I am very excited that I always check the site if there are additional informations given :-)

Get Your Life Back!

Dealing with debt is very stressful especially if you get a lot of calls from collecting agency. You will be bombarded with their phone calls and letters that some of them really feel harassed. If you are looking for something to help you in eliminating your debt you can go for credit counseling. So if you need this type of service you can go to ACA also have an online free debt consultation if you want to know what you need to do to be free of your debt. You can also select from among their services type they are offering. They will give you honest and helpful service to help you get your life back. So if you are feeling stressed out with your debt, call them now or visit their website. Don't delay your happiness, act now!


(Photo Grabbed)

Who do not like Sarah Jessica Parker? She is not only beautiful, good actress and an entrepreneur but accordingly she is also one of Hollywood's very down to earth personality.

Have you seen their movie already "Sex and the City"? I heard a lot of good reviews about it. I really wanted to see it on big screen but I don't have somebody to leave our DD. The movie speaks volume about fashion in New York and how these 4 fashionistas fabulously make the city alive. I guess I will just wait for the DVD to come out and see this movie.

Fab Forex

This time of economic crisis you can really think of venturing into business or maybe look for a second job just to make another source of income. I am even thinking myself of looking into investing. I know that maybe this is not a good move because we are dealing with economic crisis but what I am thinking is to try investing, especially Forex currency trading. My husband told me not to venture in any investment unless I am well prepared for it. That is why I am brwosing online where I can find more information about it as well as guide in dealing with this type of investing.

Forex or foreign exchange trading is like any other stock market investing that involves risk. This risk comes with of course the devaluation of the currency you are trading in. But if you want to know more about it, Fab Forex is the best guide online. They have the comprehensive information on how to invest in forex. They also have up to date articles about forex trading, how to protect yourself from forex scams and everything that concerns this type of investment. If you are ready to invest, you can also do online trading through Fab Forex. Here also you will be assured the safest online forex trading so no worry on your side.

My Girl

At first I was really not very enthusiastic about this new soap opera that ABS-CBN is offering, the My Girl, starring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. I was thinking it is cheeky, corny and just another copy cat but I was wrong, it is really nice, funny and I am hook into it. Both of them handles this Korean inspired telenovela. It is also a star studded teleserye. Since it started airing I haven't miss any episode yet. I like how the Pinoy interpretation of this Korean soap opera. I hope that they will maintain this type of appeal up to the last episode of this soap. Another favorite of mine to look forward to everyday :-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Used Car at Manchester, NH

If you live in Manchester, Nashua & Concord, NH areas and you need to get or replace your old vehicle, you can check out Werner Dealership. This dealership continued the excellent service of the Talarico family whom started the business. Some 15 years ago, Steve Talarico were able to run the business successfully and then decided to sell it to his trusted general manager who also knows the company by heart, Robert Werner. Now this car dealership is named after the new owner starting in 2005. The excellent and quality service is still carried to ensure greater patronage in the area.

There are other dealerships in these areas but what set Werner Dealerships in Manchester NH Used Cars and new vehicles is that they can give you the vehicle that you need no matter what type or model it is. They also set their standard in making their customers happy. They have a proven track record of providing best service when it comes to selling all types of vehicles. Those that do business with them have only one thing to say, that they are very professional and delivers the services that they expected even surpassed it. So if you need used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, you can check out Werner Dealerships now.

Flat Tire

I got mad earlier because when I went to the parking lot and check out our truck I saw one flat tire. I went closer and checked on it then I found out that the valve that covers the air flow thing was removed. I checked the other tires and the valves are all there. Only one was removed. There are just people that are very rude. I went to the office and reported it to the management. I know they can;t do anything about it but I just let them know in case something happened again that means somebody is trying to mess up with us. I don't know who did it but I believe maybe the same people who complained to the management that the truck hasn't been moved. It's a free parking and we are allowed to park anywhere. I may not use the truck too much but it is not in the way with any other vehicle owners. I bet hubby will be mad knowing what happened.

Light Sleeper Solution

I am a light sleeper and sometimes I can't sleep at all especially if I heard different noises. I really wanted to have something to help me get a good night sleep. Our daughter sleeps through the night already so even if I sleep good it will be okay. My problem is what should I need to do to have a good night sleep. I was told that that answer to my problem is to use white noise machine. I think I will need their sound therapy relaxation system since I love to hear relaxing sounds when I go to sleep. This system gives soothing sounds that will help relax your body and will enable you to drift off to sleep without a problem. If you want to check out this product, you can go to and see what products suits your needs to sleep better.

Traffic Jam

I went out this afternoon and instead of going to Walmart I went ahead to Target to get few things for hubby and our DD. I also got food for our our budding toddler. I don't usually drive there if its lunch time because I know that road there is very jam packed. I wasn't wrong, the traffic was very heavy because there was a construction near Target. It was bumper to bumper and the intersections going to the interstate are all miles up. I thought it will be a difficult drive, but glad I was able to got off that traffic jam. It was my first ever driving in a bumper to bumper situation :-) and I made it!!!

Mexico Getaway

Eversince I came here in the US of A I am dreaming of visiting Mexico. I heard that they have a lot of beautiful and pristine beaches that you can book for a grand getaway. You can also check out Mexico beach vacation rentals for accommodation while being there. I checked out and they are featuring luxury beach fronts that is really great for family vacation and seeing beautiful scenery. Oceano gives comprehensive information not only for available vacation rentals but also information like weather in your choice of place the tide conditions and other services that any vacationing families needs to know. So if thinking of going on a relaxing, leisurely vacation, check out

Black Out

Around 8:30PM last night I put our DD to sleep. We were in the bedroom and I turned off all the lights. The computer was on and the bedroom door is open. Since it was still light outside as well as inside the room, I didn't turn on the side lamp when I read her stories. She was already asleep around 9PM when I realized that the outside lamp post is not on. I turned and look at the digital alarm clock and it was off. It donned on me then that there was a black out.

Good thing my cellphone is fully charged. I called my friend and asked her if they have light she said they don't have. I think it was all around our area. The black out lasted for more than an hour. I was really uncomfortable because it was my first time having a black out for an hour and there's only me and our DD. I am glad that we have the big flash light that I used. I kept checking our doors making sure nobody will barge in :-) I learned from my friend again that the energy company here were doing emergency repair in one of the lines affecting our area.

Mobility Vans

Our family friend in Hawaii was telling me how hard to maneuver her old van in getting in and out our other daughter "A". I told her to check out, the leading dealer of handicap vans and see how they like the feature vans. MobilityWorks has wide selection of handicap accessible vans that will really help families in ease of transporting handicap love ones. She can either swap her old one with a new one or even used one but still in excellent working condition vans. They also give your specifications when you ask for something of your specifications. They make sure that they can give quality service to those who will have business with them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunscreen for Summer

Summer is almost here and this means more outdoor activities for the entire family. We should be careful though and don't forget to put on sunscreen especially when you have the plan to bask under the heat of the sun. Accordingly, you should use the high spectrum sunscreen that blocks both the aging UVA rays that cause aging and the UVB rays that cause cancer. I read also in Goodhousekeeping mag that the Skin Cancer Foundation says you should apply sunscreen one ounce or about a shot glass full to your body for best protection.

Simulation Software Provider

Technology is fast changing. In order for businesses to keep up with this fast changing technology there should be enough technical expertise as well applicable software in initializing their products. Just like if you are in ventilation, air conditioning or thermal manufacturing business, you need to have the best software to simulate your products before putting it in the market. This is where Flomerics comes in. They are the leading provider of computer software that lets manufacturers do their simulation on electronic equipments. This includes electronics cooling systems, HVAC, engineering fluids and thermo dynamics. So if you need this type of software, is the place to go.

Quotable Quotes # 1

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" - Marcel Proust

There are people that give us happiness just by their mere presence. We have our love one; family and friends that constantly support us but not necessarily all of them will give a streak of smile in our face. Even though, we should still be very thankful because these people can inspire us to get moving, give us determination to always fight to move forward in life.

Beverly HIlls Breast Augmentation

Even if recession is looming and threatening our economy, it was still reported that a lot of women still go to plastic surgery clinics for aesthetic procedures. This is not really surprising because a lot of people are now valuing themselves and want to always look good to feel good. Plastic surgeon all over the country is really in high demands because not only women are looking for them but also men. In Beverly Hills, California you can see a lot of plastic surgery clinics. There is this website where you can find the world's finest plastic surgeons.

This website is a great reference if you are looking for plastic surgeons. There is this Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation that helps those who wants their chest to look fuller and nice. They can have silicone implants and plastic surgeon here at Beverly Hills are trusted to give you the safest and reliable procedure. If you want to know more about them, you can log on to their site at and see for yourself what they can give you. Their website has a lot of information you can also read and learn about some other procedures. So don't trust just any plastic surgeon, check out the best only at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons.

Coffee and Cancer

Recent result of a research which was being done for 20 years ruled out that drinking too much coffee has no relation in getting breast cancer. I heard this news yesterday in our local news. I think this assurance from this research result can put the mind of those who love coffee at peace. I still believe though that apart from having the gene to develop any form of cancer, there are still other food products that can trigger these oncogenes, especially those carcinogenic food materials. That is why it is really best to start eating healthy foods and organically grown ones.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Boating Education Against OUI

The state of Arizona is a home of beautiful outdoor, wildlife and conservation. You can find the great rivers for boating as well as doing water sports and fishing. They have a campaign about boating education. This is to let everyone be aware about the danger of Boating Operating Under the Influence. Just like driving under the influence, it will result in fatalities as well. So the Arizona Game and Fish have this drive about Boating Education Online. So to those who loves boating and wants to explore Arizona, you can watch these videos below to be aware and be educated.

This is the Boat Sober Commercial below:

This is the Arizona Boating below:

Mars Exploration

It is very amazing that at last the Phoenix Mars Lander had made it to Mars and landed on the successfully on the Martian arctic plains. It's journey is 422 million mile or 10 month long because Mars is very far from Earth. I saw on the news that it already sent picture images of the high northern latitude of Mars. Accordingly, Phoenix will only stay in one area and will dig trench in the soil of the Red planet to see if there are elements that can possibly favor primitive life. Another breakthrough in aero-space exploration.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not Shiny Day

I was wishing yesterday that today will be another sun shiny day but it is not. Very gloomy outside. Although it is not cold but still I don't like to go out and walk around the complex and you fear that rain will pour down. As usual we just stayed home and did nothing. This will change next week though since our Daddy will be here. Knowing him, he can't be still at home. He always wants to go out. I will just have to remind him that it's not the same as before anymore, going out and driving a lot is already expensive nowadays :-)

Personal Loan

I know most of us is already affected with the high gas price. We have a lot of bills that we need to pay and every time we budget our paycheck it comes always short. So if you need extra cash to pay your bills you can apply for Personal Loans at Three reasons why you apply through them is that first, all credit are accepted; second, application is fast and easy; and third, the processing is in instant you will get your cash in minutes. So check them out and erase the worries of having bad credit, personal loans can help you.

Talk to My Parents Again

I am glad that I was able to talk to my parents again. It has been three days that I have been calling them everyday checking how they are. I wish that they will have their own internet connection but sad to say they don't. I may have to think of something to hook them up. There's a laptop there but they only used it for games and my brother-in-law used it for his work. I asked them if there is internet connection but they said there is none yet. Not all places in the Philippines have internet access that is why. For now I have to be contented with phone calls :-)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

High Grade Sugar

We can really find sugar in our cupboard in our kitchen. We use it when we are cooking, baking, in our coffee and other things that we need to. I always look for sugar's grade. I found out that Sugar from Brazil which is the Icumsa 45 sugar is a high food grade sugar. It is the most in demand sugar because it is very refined. More information can be found in their website. You can find comprehensive information how they make this very fine, high grade sugar. In their website you can also find articles such as the top sugar producing countries in the world and other news pertaining to this household staple. If you are interested to buy you can also do it in this website

Gas Hoarding

Before we hear that some businesses in the Philippines hoards rice and now they are hoarding gas and diesel. Something is wrong with this picture. Why can't people just help each other out and not become greedy. That is why our country can not improve because some of the people lacks the moral responsibility already. There are those that protests for a lot of things but do not commit their selves to change. We wanted the government to change but are those protesting willing to change as well?

Fertility Problem

When we got married we were planning of having a family right away. We thought there will be no problem. After a year we were not successful so we decided to have fertility work up I was glad after eight months I was able to conceived. We were thinking if we did not get pregnant we are willing to undergo IVF procedure. I already surfed online and saw this fertility clinic of Dr. Randy Morris, the IVF 1. He specializes in infertility and reproductive medicine for more than a decade. He is Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology. This is very important resume in finding somebody that handles fertility problems. So if you need help to conceive and have a family of your own, you can check out

Top Wireless Carriers

When we got here in WA we were thinking of switching wireless carrier. Hubby is always complaining of our current one because of the bad service. I read on the news on Yahoo that according to Survey of the American Customer Satisfaction Index Verizon came out as the number one wireless carrier and Sprint is on the last spot. No wonder because I knew a lot of not satisfied Sprint customers. I hope when hubby gets home we will be able to switch service provider.

Share Your Thoughts

Blogging did not come easy to me before. I was very skeptical of sharing my thoughts online much more my life story. But I browsed thru a lot of Blogs and saw that it is okay to share your ideas and thoughts as well as some part of your life that you think is worth sharing thus the creation of my blogs some three years ago. After being in the blogsphere for couple of years I have seen a lot of online services that allows you to create a blog. One of these is through

Unlike other Blogs services, not only allows you to upload photos, videos, podcasts, it also has a chat community, forums and you can bookmark the latest news. You can also make a choice if you want each blog post to be published publicly, privately, or only viewable by your friends and family. can also increase traffic to your blog since any recent post will be published on the site. They will feature pictures, videos and blogs too. Creation of blogs is free and they have free unlimited bandwidth too. Right now they have a contest that they call Thoughts Writing Contest. So if you want to share your thoughts and become a part of a great community, join now.

Dream SUV

Although, in my dreams, I love to drive a Lexus or Infiniti vehicle but knowing how the gas price escalates almost every minute, I now want to drive this vehicle above, The Ford Escape Hybrid. But I learned that if you are having a hybrid car you need to change it every 100,000 miles, is this so?'s a lot of money. Right now my Ford Focus drives great but the fuel economy is not so. Below is the statistics for this SUV that I grabbed from the

The Ford Escape Hybrid

No. 4 (tie) Most Fuel-Efficient 2008 Vehicle
No. 1 (tie) Most Fuel-Efficient 2008 SUV

Fuel Economy
City: 34 mpg
Highway: 30 mpg

Fuel Cost:
25 Miles: $2.33
Per Year: $1,399

Annual Carbon Output:
5.7 tons

What Are You Driving?

The price of gas per barrel reaches to the highest of $135. This is what I heard the last time. This means that gas prices is souring up again. I don't know when this going to end. This crisis is being felt all over the world. That is why we need to curtail our consumption so the demand will go down. Starting with the cars that we are driving. So are you driving a fuel efficient car? I read this report that the No. 1 most fuel efficient 2008 vehicle and midsize car is the Toyota Prius Hybrid. Its fuel economy is 48 mpg in city and 45 mpg in highway. This is very efficient indeed. This also means that it is good to the environment since, at least, it will not emit too much carbon. I hope I can drive this car.

Tickets to Go

One of the things that I wanted to see is a live concert. I think eversince I only saw 3 live concerts in the Philippines. Now that I am here in the US I am really hoping I can go and watch. I heard that there will be lots of concerts to be held in Seattle and Tacoma so I am hoping I can go. But honestly I really wanted to see Bruce Springsteen live in concert. He is now having his tour all over Europe and all the tickets are sold out right away. Then he is going to be back here in the US and will have his North American tour. This is also to promote his new album. The album is called Magic featuring his hit songs Radio Nowhere and Long Walk Home.

I heard this new album Magic is up for Grammy's. Not only for one entry but includes Best Rock Album, Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song. My brother is a big fan of his. He collects all his albums. I may need to get one for him. If only my brother is here he can watch him live in concert. His concert here in North America, I believe, will start in July. So for those who are big fan of the great Bruce Springsteen, you can get your seats with Bruce Springsteen Tickets from This tickets to go is very is handy. You can view which seat you are going to get if you want to watch events such as sports, concerts and theaters. So check them now and reserve your night to be on the best seat at Bruce Springsteen's concert.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I got panicked a while ago because my internet connection were off. I looked at our modem and there was no power. Our television is not running on HD anymore that means it became local and not on digital cable. I tried dialing our home phone but there was no dial tone. I was about to call our provider through my cellphone but was glad it came back on. I don't need this kind of joke :-) right now I have a lot of things to finish and I am also waiting for hubby to be online. Oh well glad it came back right away.

Vinyl Siding

I called our apartment complex' office because I reported that just outside our door the vinyl siding of our unit has crack and I saw black ants coming out of it. I was glad that their maintenance person came right away and checked it. I think he put something and I heard they will do some repair of that part. It's not a big deal really if not for the ants. I am afraid those ants will get inside our apartment and we have our DD playing on the floor.

Hottest Couple

It was reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is the hottest couple to grace the red carpet in Cannes, France. Yeah I figured that they are the world's well-known Hollywood couple. Wherever they go and whatever they are very hot for the paparazzi. Now that Angelina Jolie is almost to give birth with a twin the more that a lot of people are interested in them. I bet People magazine will get the first glimpse or picture of their twins later on just like when they introduce their daughter Shiloh to the public.


I have been wondering if I can do pilates without going to studio. I have browsed online and actually there is this pilates New York at wherein you can enroll in. They have studio at downtown Manhattan but you can also do the fitness program at the comfort of your homes. How? Their expert instructors will go straight to your homes. Their wellness program focuses on improving how you use your body efficiently both in your daily lives and in your workplace. If you live in another city you can check out their city search and locate one near your area. Their studio in New York is one of the finest. So if you are interested you can enroll in their wellness package. You just have to choose which one is right for you.

Happy Memorial Day!

So any plans for the long weekend? With me we will just stay home and not drive if possible. Here I believe the weather will not be good. It will be raining as what the forecast has said. I heard through the news that a lot of people are not planning to drive far because the gas is way high. They prefer to stay at home or maybe drive in a nearby amusement place to celebrate the Memorial holiday.

To everyone Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the weekend and be safe.


It's Friday again! I can't believe how time flies so fast. I am loving it though. This means the day is getting closer and closer when we see our Daddy again. I have a lot to do here in the apartment for hubby's homecoming. I just can't wait for our reunion. He said he is very excited to see us after 5 months of being away. Yeah 5 long months and it seemed like eternity to me :-) If you ask me how I was able to endure it I don't really know. The only thing I can say is that our daughter keeps me going as well as my husband's support even if he is very far. Anyways, I hope the shower will stop here so we can do something outside :-)

Deal Time

For all the savvy-tech people when you shop your next toy gadget you can check out Deal Time at They are the leading online shopping venue to get high tech products that are of quality and with the best deal of price. They have all the gizmos like laptop, notebook, iPod, MP3, LCD TV, digital cameras, video cameras, and many more. You can also check the reviews of the item that you like for reference before buying. This is really a very helpful online shopping store, not only in getting your favorite gadget but also in your budget. So check them out now and get the good deal of all time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lack of Sleep

I really have a lot of things to do online but my brain won't work. This morning I have so much time since our DD slept longer but I felt so sleepy too. I slept around 3 am this morning because I was ironing our clothes. I have three hamper full of clean clothes to iron. I already finished one, all our DD's clothes and I still have two left. So I was exhausted when I got up around 7 am for breakfast. I didn't went back to sleep since I have to do some cleaning and finished my laundry. Now I have to cram to meet all the deadlines. I hope my brain will work as fast as my fingers on the keyboard.

Designer Jewelry

My sister loves to wear fashion jewelries. She does uses it to match her outfit of the day. I know she loves to collect some so for her birthday I am planning of getting her designer jewelry that I saw at They have a lot of contemporary designer jewelry that are very stunning. Some of the designer's creations are being used by famous celebrities. They have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. The pieces are handcrafted very intricately and by looking at it very quality. I am very sure my dear sister will be delighted receiving my gift.

David Cook the New American Idol

My bet is right. David Cook emerged as the winner of the 7th Season of American Idol. He is very cool and humble. He even applauded David Archuleta even if he was proclaimed as the winner with a 12 million vote difference. He got 56% of the total votes and 44% for David A. I think Simon Cowell's comments against David Cook helps him with the voters. He said that David Archuleta excelled in all their 3 performances Tuesday night knocking out David Cook. Nevertheless, both of them is deserving it is just that there will only be one winner. Ryan Seacrest announced that the 8th Season will be back in January 2009, something to look forward to again :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack

Another pride for the Filipino is the boy who sang the sound track of the new movie by Dreamworks, Kung Fu Panda. His name is Sam Concepcion and the Dreamworks production chooses him to sing the song. I saw him performed in ASAP, Filipino noontime variety show. He is very lucky to be a part of this family movie that is starred by [voice over] Angelina Jolie and Black Jack. It seems like 2008 is a good year for Filipino talents because they are now making a name in Hollywood and internationally. This something all of us Filipinos should be very proud of.

Discount Shopping, Anyone?

Shopping nowadays is really a luxury for me especially that prices are all going up and we only need to buy things that we really need. I don't want to waste any dollar on buying things that are not on sale especially on gadgets, clothing or accessories. That is why I am very glad that I can find online website such as because it helps me to save money when I am shopping online. With this site I am able to get coupons, discount codes and internet promotions, sales and discount offers from a lot of online stores. You can really Save up to 60% at the online outlet store, like the Circuit City computer accessories wherein I am planning to get a new monitor for our desktop.

I am very happy that is free to use. I can get more coupons that I can use to buy my husband's summer clothes as well as my daughter at Old Navy. I can also get a Macy's discount codes to buy myself a pair of shoes and a perfume that I really wanted to get. These kinds of deals, for me, are really a big help. I can't buy some of the stuff that I mentioned if I don't have the coupon. So if you want to save big while shopping, you can check out these best online coupons. I promise, you can browse a lot of merchants and you can get good deals in the stores that you love the most.

Dancing with the Stars Finale

Wow after 10 weeks Dancing with the Stars came to an end and the victor is Kristi Yamaguchi. The girl power emerged on the dance floor tonight. I was really predicting before when it started that Kristi has the big chance of winning. She compete with determination being an Olympian and her being so technical in the skating rink she also brought it on the dance floor. She is truly an achiever. And I just realize that out of 6 winners of this coveted dance competition, 4 of the winners were athletes. I believe it has something to do with the fierce competitive nature of athletes that drove them to aim for the mirror ball trophy.

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Guide to Web Hosting

I am very happy for finding a good web hosting site where I am now trusting to host my own website. I went online and found at the top 10 web hosting sites that can be trusted and very reliable. When I first purchase my domain I was having a hard time what webhosting provider I will go to since I don't have any clue at all how does it work as well as what are the features I need to look into so I will get my money's worth. What should I look into in terms of setting up, disk space, hosting capabilities and other things. I am glad that webhosting provides it for me.

This webhosting guide is very informative since they listed the top web hosting sites. The lists include its price, disk space, data transfer, year it started in the business, and it's set up process. What I do like as well is the host rating that gives me idea which one has a good rating and has a good review from users. This will let you know if a certain web host is popular and gives excellent service. So when I though of getting a new domain, I check first here at the best possible host and I am glad I found one that don't give me a headache.

American Idol Favorite

So do you have your American Idol favorite? As for me I am rooting on David Cook. He is more confident to be a star. Although David Archuleta is also a good singer but he don't have the arrive (dating) that is fit for a star. We very well know that they already have a bright career ahead of them. When Simon Cowell guested at Ellen deGeneres' show this morning he is very vocal in saying that he thinks David Cook will win as well as Ellen herself. The final countdown is tonight and I hope both of them picks a good song that is not forgettable. God bless to both of them.

Registry Repair Software

I wanted to do my online work in my husband's laptop but it is very slow as a snail. I can't stand waiting for a certain web page to upload, it will will make me mad. My husband told me that it may have a registry problem. So I am looking for a registry repair software that could help me clear out the problem and have the laptop running good again. I need to have it fix soon because I am already tired of getting up and going to the bedroom from the living room at night from time to time to check my daughter sleeping. I saw this software at and they have free download of the registry scan to check the real problem. If you are having the same problem with mines, check this site and get your computers scanned and fixed.

Dancing with the Stars Update

Last nights Dancing with the Stars was hot. Their introduction dances through which all of them were dancing non stop pair by pair was showing off their new found talent. It was Kristi's time to shine really and she gave Bruno the unexpected smooch on the nose :-) I would say that the celebrities that will compete for the finals will be Christian deLa Fuente and Kristi Yamaguchi. But we don't know who will emerge since America's votes is really unpredictable. All of them are deserving for all their effort put in the competition. I can't wait to see the finals as well as the kid's final competition.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Paint Pod Machine

Nowadays DIY or do it yourself home improvement is very popular. We can find almost all of the necessary tools and machine in store that we can use. One website that guides you in choosing DIY tools is This website has all the wonderful tools and machines you can find there is in doing your own home improvement works. One thing that I know is very useful in any DIY work is the new Dulux Paint Pod machine. This is a lifesaving paint job tool. This roller system is power assisted and has the feature of controlling the flow of paint to the roller. It is very light and work even in the hardest edges and corners of your walls. It also cleans itself after you are done with the job. I love to have it because we will be getting our own place soon and I know we will be doing some DIYs. This is very handy, easy to use and you can do your job quickly.

Break Ups

Breaking up is hard to do, as what the song says. Yes it is very true especially if you are so in love with that somebody. In my life I haven't experienced any break up at all. Yeah because hubby is my first and last. But I have witnessed friends and members of the family who have been through it and I can see the devastation. In relationship it is also a gamble. You are exerting a lot of things, like time, effort, money and most of all your emotion, the feeling of love. There is no guarantee that it will last forever. The best thing I think to do is to treasure every moment of the relationship, nurture it and make sure that even the smallest detail is being kept. If ever breaking up will happen, there is always the time of healing and moving on.


My cousin was telling me she needs to redo their daughter's room and she needs to replace its wallpaper. I told her that at there are wallpapers on sale that are very affordable and have quality design just like the Linda Barker wallpaper that they have. The designs are very lovely and I love the color choices too. The wallpaper print and design will look like a mural in your wall once it is plastered on. If you want to know what I am talking about you can check out their website and also this lovely picture below.

Killing Spree

What's with the news that there is a killing spree happening in the Philippines. Two days ago there were 10 people died inside an RCBC branch in Laguna, Philippines. Then I just read this news in Yahoo that there were 9 people died and 5 wounded on this open fire made by the shooters in a house. 5 of the dead were children. This is a very horrifying news, and it happened in the same province too.

Car Polish

Hubby is coming home and I need to have both our vehicles cleaned. I don't want to go in and the automatic car wash because I am afraid. I haven't tried it yet by myself. I prefer to hand wash it myself. I heard that Kinzo car polisher is a good tool to have if you want to a do-it-yourself car washing and polishing. It is very affordable and very useful to have. It polishes your car very smoothly and the result is very great. I will make sure to have it soon so I can do my own car polishing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boiled Pork

Boiled Pork

When In-in told me that she is going to Rosit and she is preparing nilagang baboy I was drooling. Just by hearing it made me hungry that I also decided to make my own :-) Good thing I have the ingredients I needed. It may not be as yummy as my Mom's cooking but it sure satisfied my hunger for it. I was glad our DD loves the taste of the potato I mixed in. I mashed it and gave it to her, she love it :-)

Go Green Start at Home

I am beginning to start going green at home. I use organic produce for cooking, recycling, use green products and also replacing our light bulbs. I was told and also read in magazines and even on tv that CFL Light Bulbs are very efficient and has a longer life span than incandescents. This will really help to minimize and lower down energy expenses in the future. I will be getting these bulbs through They have almost all solutions for our everyday living that is why I love going to this online shop. So if you want to go green, check them out and see what more you can do to help the environment by buying environment friendly everyday products.

I'll Be 30+2

Wow I am getting old. Tomorrow I will be celebrating my birthday and hubby is not here to share it with me. But anyways, I don't know if he is pulling again another surprise since he is very tight lip about it. He told me to get me something online if I want to. So now I am looking online what I will get. I can't seem to think since I have so many things I want :-) So confusing!

New Trend in Business

We are now in the advent of technology wherein business meetings and conferences are not only done in the boardroom but through video conferencing or web conferencing. This trend is being used and applied by most businesses like most users are those in the top fortune companies. This is another way of minimizing costs of employees travel and customer support travel to trouble shoot and other field calls. So if you are a business owner, there is a new technology that lets you, apply web conferencing for your business. It is lower price and very friendly to use. You can check out and they can give you the service that you want and leap your business to a higher level.

Cook Up in the House

It was very sunny and bright today but I wasn't able to go out since my baby don't feel well. She has a slight temperature because she is cutting teeth. I don't want to compromise her being sick and go out then catch more germs from outside. She is vulnerable at this time so I have to stay put at home and wait until she is okay before we can go out and do some strolling.

Shopping at

I like shopping online because it is hassle-free. I can save gas and time since I don't have to change and drive. One of the websites I like to visit for shopping are those that gives me more for my money. Now that my other daughter's birthday is coming I need to shop for new clothes. She likes Baby Phat apparel so I am going to check out since they have merchants review of online stores you can find. They offer price comparison and reviews so you can really choose the best store that offers the lowest prices. I love this kind of service. It makes your shopping easy and you can get the best deals.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

General Cleaning

I need to schedule a general cleaning before my husband gets home. Although the apartment is clean but I need to put away toys that our DD is not using anymore. I also have to finish ironing all our clothes. I am planning to buy new bedding set and give our bedroom a new look. At least with new beddings it will make a difference. I have so much to do here at home hopefully I can knock out some bigger chore this weekend. I hope our DD cooperates.

The New Wave for Blogger

I know a lot of us, especially a stay at home Mom like me, is making blogging almost a career. We even create more blogs to boost our income since we know that blogging and earning now comes hand in hand. So if you want to make money more, you can also join Bloggerwave. They are accepting bloggers now and they sure can give you the extra bucks. Just simply submit your blogs and you can start earning after you are being approved.

Rebate Checks

Have you receive your rebate checks already? We don't have it yet but I am just curious about the news in Yahoo couple of days ago that some of the checks were being deposited to the wrong account and others their kids were being forgotten. Hmm..this is something scary to happen. But anyways, I am not sure what we will do with it when we get the infamous rebate. Should we spend it or just save it. It is given to boost our economy by spending it. Considering the high prices of goods nowadays it is better to do some savings and only buy the things that really matters or those that we really needed. So how about you? How are you going to spend it?

If You've Got the Looks

Now, do you have a smashing appeal and to die for beauty and confidence? There is a new way of showing it off to the rest of the world. By doing so you will be able to win a grand prize of 10,000 USD. There is also a chance of getting an offer to become a world class model to work with world known agencies in Milan, Paris and the Big Apple of course New York. You can log on to and simply submit your picture. You will then be rated by viewers. Even if you don't win, the possibility of getting spotted by modeling agencies is very big. So join now and be discovered!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Camping Season

Some national park here in WA is now open for campers. There are areas though that the spaces are limited because there are still thick snow. This coming Memorial day weekend the weather forecast is good and a lot of people are already reserving their spots at the camp ground. I wish to experience camping here one day. Although I have to persuade my husband because he is not very excited about it. His thing is that, he has too much of sleeping in a tent in his military career :-) But I still hope he will be persuaded for my sake.

Web Hosting Site

Looking for an excellent web hosting site is very daunting. There are many things you need to consider in choosing one as well. There are lots of web hosts but the problem is how to choose one that works with your budget and give quality service. So to know more about it and where to get a good web hosts, you can check out this web hosting article. They have information and guides on choosing an excellent, quality but very affordable web hosting. There are more articles that explains different aspects of web hosting. You can check their website to read all the articles. You can check them now and don't be fooled by ads about different web hosts. Be informed and be knowledgeable check out windows web hosting now.


I have a little headache now because I woke up early. I am wanting to go back to sleep but my DD is already awake. I guess I will just have to endure the discomfort until her nap time in a few minutes. I remember every time I complain headache before my Mom will be worried. I have an experience of being bumped by a motorcycle when I was 6 years old. I suffered a head concussion. My Mom is afraid that my headache is more than just a minor pain. I don't believe it is because it's not really a pounding pain. Just a few hours of additional rest and it will go away.

How to Choose a Good Web Host

I am blogging since 2005. I started in a free panel and free hosting, then I bought my own domain. Now I am thinking of getting a new domain but I am looking for something that will be a great web host. I wanted to look for something that have dedicated servers. I am looking for ways on how to choose for a good web host and reading really helps a lot. Their article 3 Things to Consider When Finding Cheap Web Hosting is very informative and will really guide you on how to choose web hosting properly. I hope with this new information I will be able to decide which web hos I will choose. I am encouraging my fellow bloggers who are looking for web hosts to check out, it will really help a lot in speeding up your deciding process.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

70s Temperature

It is very nice outside. It is windy but it is very sunny. Today's temperature is around 70's. I believe at 6pm accordingly will be 76 degree. I am loving the weather because we can go out without putting a heavy sweats on. The flowers outside our apartment is also flowering and the leaves are turning real green. Tomorrow and Saturday our temperature will be in 80s, yay, I hope the wind is not strong so I will just let our DD wear shorts and shirt :-)

Surfboard Warehouse

When we visited Hawaii for our honeymoon we went to see people surfing and I envy how they maneuver and evade the waves that struck them and their surfboard. I wanted to learn how to surf. It is one of my dreams to stand up on the surfboard and battle the sea waves. I love to see surfers along the beach bringing their surfboard bags and accessories. Speaking of surfing gears, Surfboard Warehouse is the place to go to if you need surfing gears. They are the next generation surf shop. They accepts customized surfboards with matching durable surfboard bags. You can order from them and tell them specifically what you like and they will made it for you. They have excellent business track record and you are secure with your transaction with them.

Wowowe in Hawaii

I gathered that the ABS-CBN's Wowowe tour in Hawaii on May 10th was a real success. A family friend of ours that are living in Hawaii told me that they are going to see it. Then our daughter "A" called me yesterday and told me that Ate "J" along with other friends and relatives went to see the show. They have full of stories because there were lots and lots of people went to the stadium. Maybe when we were able to move there in April I could be watching the show too :-)

Personalized Plate Number

Before hubby went to Iraq he was asking me if I want to change our car's plate into a personalize one. I wasn't really sure if we can do that but he said we could. He even told me about this website, the They are the leading source of private Number Plates as well as personalized ones. If you want to get one and you do not know if the one you choose is still available, you can search it first and they will pull out from their database the lists of private number plates with corresponding fee. It is very cool and it will help you remember your own number since you are the one who chose it. So check out Northumbrian Numbers now and see if your choice is still available for you.

My Nephew's Birthday

Today is my nephew's birthday. Happy Birthday Sani Karlo!

In our family there are three who will be celebrating birthdays. Me, my daughter and my nephew Carlo. He is now 18 years old. My I remember before I came here he is still a little man but now according to them he is already tall and very makulit. He has a lot of friends or barkada and bugoy na :-)

He likes to play basketball and he idolizes Kobe Bryant that he's always asking me to buy him Jersey with his idol's name. I don't know if I can find one around here. I hope I will :-)

Lease a Car Shrewdly

I was told that we should not lease a car because it will just cost us a lot than to buy it through financing. I am really confused what the difference between buying and leasing is. There are lots of dealerships and they offer different financing modes and I can't really get how this process works. Then I read this article at This website offers Vehicle Lease Advice that greatly explains a lot how we should be careful in leasing properties especially vehicles. This website also give an analogy of Shrewdlease to Apple pie and how this works .

So if you are planning to lease for a car, you need to check out this website first. You have to enter all the numbers that you are going to pay for the leasing and the website will evaluate it for you. It will tell you if it is a shrewd lease or a poor lease. There is also a comprehensive explanation of the leasing process. They put it in a step by step tutorials with matching pie graph showing division of the steps in getting into the leasing agreement. I am recommending this website to get Vehicle Lease Advice and lease education.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are You Prepared for Any Calamity?

Now that natural disaster is happening all over the world it made me wonder and ask myself if I am prepared if in any case it will happen in our area. We cannot tell when mother nature will struck. The only thing we need to do aside from always praying is to be vigilant, monitor any announcements, check where is the evacuation route and maintain a presence of mind and alertness. Everynight before I go to sleep I always make sure that things I need to take out in case of emergency is always ready, that is our important papers in one safe ready to go bag :-) I know we can't tell but it is good to at least be prepared.

Skate Accessories

I know spring and summer is also the season for outdoor activities. If you need skating accessories for your kids you can visit You can buy all sort of skate shoes brand like DC skate shoes. Aside from shoes they also have apparels like jackets, hoodies, hats, beanies, bags, shirts and more for outdoor sports and activities. They also have accessories such as headphones, stickers and belts. You can shop by brands for men, women, boys and girls. They have free ground shipping for all your purchase and you are assured of their secure transaction.. So make your kids happy and shop them with cool stuff only at

Our Doc'sVisit

We were at the hospital half of the day today. We have 3 appointments, the pharmacy to get prescription, the developmental pediatric clinic and then the family clinic. Before I went in to the dev ped clinic I passed by the pharmacy and took a number. Then at the developmental clinic we checked in after 10 minutes of waiting we went in for our DD's urine test. It didn't take long we were out of the clinic in 30 minutes. I waited at the pharmacy for another 25 minutes before we went to the family clinic at the ground floor. There we waited for almost an hour. She got her 3 shots and physical for 12 months well baby check.

Hair L oss Answer

I know a lot of men who are trying to look for means to prevent their hair from losing some more. Even my brother is now showing a receding hairline. There is one answer to this, procerin. This is a hair loss treatment that is proven effective. It comes in tablet form as well as a topical solution that they can apply directly into their scalp. It is an all natural supplement that helps hair to regrow and prevent it from losing more. So to those who are experiencing androgenic alopecia and already showing widow's peak check out and this may be the answer to hair loss problem.

Another Dr.'s Appointment

We have to go to the hospital again for our DD's 12 month appointment. This time she will get another shots for her immunization. My heart will break again knowing she will be in pain. I myself dread this hospital visits but we need to do it for her own good. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children are well taken cared of. So whatever it takes Mama is willing to oblige.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Colon Cleanse

Everyday we eat foods that we don't know how much toxins it leaves our bodies. The toxins accumulate in our system and would develop into illnesses or trigger diseases. One important thing to have a healthy body is to detoxify our system with these toxins. One way of doing so is a Colon Cleanse. Colon cleansing is very important because it cleanses out unwanted matter in our colon thus preventing it from being absorbed back into our system. Once we have a clean colon, our metabolism improves, we will not feel sluggish and our energy level rises up. Our system also will develop a more effective absorption of nutrients into our body and boost our immune system.

FFF Housewife

Have you heard about the Texas housewife whom at the age of 30+ have already 27 plastic surgery procedures done on her body? She had breast augmentation and right now she is size 34 and cup size triple F. According to her eversince she was a kid she idolizes Dolly Parton. And now she wanted to have another breast augmentation. She can't do it anymore in Texas because the law prohibits her to do so. Then a celebrity plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills consulted her and told her that she will suffer some adverse effect if she continue it. Seems like she is already addicted to plastic surgery she even begged the doctor to do it for her. The surgeon suggested she needs to have reduction instead to prevent any disastrous thing to happen to her body. It's not a normal mindset for me anymore. It's too much.

Help with Foreclosure

A lot of people right now are in deep trouble with their mortgage situation. Some are already losing hope because they can't keep up with the payments. There are also being fraud with their mortgage. I have seen on CNN special news about houses foreclosed and put on auction in Georgia. I have learned that you can still get foreclosure help and avoid this mess. You can go to and learn how you can prevent your house from being foreclosed. They have proven track record in the business, so they might be the one you are looking for. So check them now.

China Tragedy

I am really saddened by the 900 students who were buried under the collapsed building because of the earthquake in China. The rescuers were still able to rescue alive children although there are many dead than alive. My heart was thumping fast when I saw one boy taken out from under the rubbles. It is heartbreaking. I know that time is very critical to their rescue but I am hoping they can still find more alive kids.

Call to India for Less

Now I found a service to call international long distance at a very low rate. Where? At This is a new company that is affiliated from one of India's business conglomerate, the Tata group. They offer very competitive rates worldwide but with a special rate to call india. They have the lowest rates ever that I have ever known from the many international calling services that I knew. They have high tech cabling that makes their lines very clear and different from their competitors. So if you need international calling card service, choose trueroots and you will get the value of your money. Economical but quality service, PIN-less dialing, clear voice reception, excellent customer service and free online account management.

Raining Again

The forecast for our weather is that Thursday and Friday will be in the 80's temperature. I was thinking we will not have any rain today but I wasn't able to go out because it is raining again. I still have a lot of things to do, errands outside but no can do. But I am looking forward for the weather next week because it looks very promising. I hope the weather will not divert to a gloomy one.

Web Hosting Choice

I am planning to change my two sites into domain. I am looking online what web hosting is the best. I am glad offers the web hosting chioce in their site. You can see for yourself what are the best provider with their online reviews. They offer this site for free so users, like myself, can be guided in selecting web host for our sites may it be personal or business use. I like how they presented the best choices. Right now they listed the top 10 and the reasons or bases of their choices through rating their affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support. I found what I am looking for through

My BFF Has a Baby

I had the chance to talk to my bff "C" on mothers day. She already gave birth and it's a boy. I asked her how life is and she is very happy and contented now. We were co-workers back in the Philippines. She took my position in our local government unit after I vacated the position to come over here in the US.

I am very happy for her for being a Mom now. I know she will be a good Mom to her baby. We even joked we have to betroth our kids but my DD is older than her little guy :-)

I wish her good health and happy family all the time.

Pet Birds in Bird Cages

Spring and summer season is also the time that birds will be visiting in your backyards and gardens. It is also the best time to do some bird watching at our own homes. It is very nice to hear birds chirping very early in the morning. Your day will start lovely if they are the one to wake you up. I remember when I was still working in retail, home decors and accessories store, we sell bird cages and it is very hot. Most of the customers I asked where are they putting it, they said in their garden outside their bedroom window.

I love birds as well. My degree in Zoology was able to educate me about them. That is why I was also planning to buy bird cages later on for our small garden. I saw online the YCA Cages at they sell wide variety of bird cages. Styles varies from Victorian, play top, aviary, metal, dome bird cages. You will also find cages that are very specific to your pet birds. Their site will direct you to the page if you wanted a specific type of bird cages bu clicking on the bird type. I know our DD will love birds too since she likes looking at the outside and cheering at the birds. So if you need also bird cages check out here at They have affordable bird cages for your pet birds and they have free shipping for your purchase.

Dancing with the Stars Update

The Dancing with the Stars' four finalists was giving their best last night by dancing two dances. The three strongest competitors that I think will remain will be Kristi Yamaguchi, Jason Taylor and Christianne deLa Fuente. Marissa is okay but the second dance that they perform lacks the woo factor just like judge Carrie Ann. Although the other judges said that technically she did it good but the showmanship for me is lacking. I hope Cheryl Burke and Christianne deLa Fuente wins the trophy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Birth Announcements

A former co-worker and a friend of mine is due to give birth next month. It will be their first baby. Her husband is also a service member serving in the Navy that is why we clicked together. Sad thing is she's in Georgia and I am here in Washington. We still contact each other and as a matter of fact she asked me to help her create a photo photo birth announcements for their bundle of joy coming soon. I already gave her this website, I suggested it to her and she likes it as much as I do. The website has fantastic design for an announcement just like the image below. I can't wait to see a photo of their baby soon.

Mother Nature's Fury

Have you noticed that recently a lot of natural phenomenon is happening around the world. There was the cyclone in Myanmar that kills thousands of people, then the severe weather in central and southern USA in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, where tornado ripped off houses and slashing everything it passed by. Then yesterday the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in central China wherein the victims is now rising to 9,000 people and still there are those that were buried with the rubbles. Aside from this natural calamities, there is the soaring economic hardships felt all over the world. Scary thoughts comes to our minds. I just hope and pray that those affected will still be hopeful despite what happens because we need every last drop of hope to move on.

Baby Sling

When I got pregnant with our DD I was meaning to buy a baby sling carrier that I've seen one Mommy was wearing when we were at the mall. I really wanted to has one because I heard a lot of good reviews about it but I just don't know where I can get it. I look for it online but I did not like what I saw. But have a lot to choose from. If only I discovered it before I would really buy one from them. I can still get one when we decided to have another baby. I like the designer baby sling from them because it has a lot of fabric design, very chic looking. To get to know more about them please read the press release below.

Press Release:

Who: Sara Gower
Contact: 1-800-887-1461

The rest of the nation is finally catching on: babywearing is one of the most natural and intuitive ways to care for babies.

And Seattle's, a home-based three-year-old company run by Sara and Stephen Gower, is one of the most innovative baby sling businesses out there. The company has more than 10,000 pouches in stock and ready to ship.

“I started by making a few slings to carry my son around the city. People were so interested in the pouches that I started making more to sell locally,” said Sara. “The reception was so phenomenal that my husband and I started our Slinglings website and from there, the business just took off.”

All of Slinglings' pouches are sewn by Seattle-based seamstresses and can be ordered in more than 80 fabrics, some of which were designed by Stephen himself. A line of 12 designer prints, 5 of which are exclusive Slinglings’ designs, was just added to their collection.

Another feature that sets Slinglings apart is its interactive sizing tool. By entering height, weight, bra size, measurements, or any combination of these numbers, Slinglings' advanced sizing calculator recommends a sling size based on the feedback of more than 15,000 previous customers.

“From the beginning, we've collected sizing statistics. We're always adding to our database and it's resulted in an incredibly accurate sizing tool,” said Sara. “It takes the guesswork out of ordering pouches.”

Babywearing, an art practiced for centuries, allows parents to resume their usual activities like walking, socializing, cleaning, and cooking while their babies get the incomparable benefit of close contact with their caregivers.

“Wearing my children has been one of the best parenting choices I've made,” said Sara. “I'm so fortunate to be able to bring that same experience to others.”

Slinglings offers competitive pricing—prices start at $36.95-- and welcomes all wholesale inquiries.

--Megan McKee

Charisse Pempengco in Oprah

I am very excited to watch Oprah today because she will be guesting talented kids from all over the world. Of course my excitement is because the Philippine pride Charisse Pempengco is one of her guests. I wanna see how she blew up the audience at the famous show. She is very lucky and blessed girl. At a young age she is already an international sensation. Not only in Asia but also in Europe and America. Congratulations to Charisse and hope she stay humble ever. - Leading UK Motoring Site

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The website has a lot to offer if you are in the UK area. Their website has comprehensive information on different cars, vehicle data checking service, and as well as search for cheap car insurance. They can also use an independent car insurance quote service that will give them information on how much they will be paying for a car insurance. They also can find reviews from different users of the website and make it their reference in using the website. Customers will be very glad using So if you want to check out used cars, use this website and you will never regret.
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