Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Black Out

Around 8:30PM last night I put our DD to sleep. We were in the bedroom and I turned off all the lights. The computer was on and the bedroom door is open. Since it was still light outside as well as inside the room, I didn't turn on the side lamp when I read her stories. She was already asleep around 9PM when I realized that the outside lamp post is not on. I turned and look at the digital alarm clock and it was off. It donned on me then that there was a black out.

Good thing my cellphone is fully charged. I called my friend and asked her if they have light she said they don't have. I think it was all around our area. The black out lasted for more than an hour. I was really uncomfortable because it was my first time having a black out for an hour and there's only me and our DD. I am glad that we have the big flash light that I used. I kept checking our doors making sure nobody will barge in :-) I learned from my friend again that the energy company here were doing emergency repair in one of the lines affecting our area.

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Lou said...

Whew, good thing you're not afraid of the dark. :-)


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