Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boiled Pork

Boiled Pork

When In-in told me that she is going to Rosit and she is preparing nilagang baboy I was drooling. Just by hearing it made me hungry that I also decided to make my own :-) Good thing I have the ingredients I needed. It may not be as yummy as my Mom's cooking but it sure satisfied my hunger for it. I was glad our DD loves the taste of the potato I mixed in. I mashed it and gave it to her, she love it :-)

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sasha said...

Wow, I also love nilagang baboy especially when it's raining and sarap ng mainit na sabaw :)

Have a great week ahead, sis!

HappyHeart said...

inggit ako..looks yummylecious..

Merydith said...

ahh kahibalo pa lang ko nah. Looks yummy bless.

Vhiel said...

oh no... now i want to make one too.. :) kakagutom naman.

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