Saturday, May 10, 2008

Design Diva Fabrics Vote Up Count Down Sale

When I was working in a home decor store I saw a lot of designs in fabrics either in textiles such as used in curtain, beddings, table cloths, runners, etc. More often I only saw leather in the furniture upholstery that we have. Some of the designers who comes in the store will ask me if we have furniture with designer upholstery fabric that can be used in an elegant room. If I have known before I would recommend this to them. At Design Diva Fabrics they bring to customers elegant and unique, one of a kind designer fabrics at an affordable price. These fabrics are usually given out only to designers and architects but with Design Diva you can get fabrics you can use for your own use or renovation. They are also launching the Vote Up Count Down of their most favored fabric. If you want to see all the available fabrics, you can register. You can also vote for your favorite fabric. The fabric with most votes will go to a countdown mode until it is sold out and then the next with the highest votes will replace it. So check it out now and see what fabric caught your eyes and vote for it.

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