Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dream SUV

Although, in my dreams, I love to drive a Lexus or Infiniti vehicle but knowing how the gas price escalates almost every minute, I now want to drive this vehicle above, The Ford Escape Hybrid. But I learned that if you are having a hybrid car you need to change it every 100,000 miles, is this so?'s a lot of money. Right now my Ford Focus drives great but the fuel economy is not so. Below is the statistics for this SUV that I grabbed from the

The Ford Escape Hybrid

No. 4 (tie) Most Fuel-Efficient 2008 Vehicle
No. 1 (tie) Most Fuel-Efficient 2008 SUV

Fuel Economy
City: 34 mpg
Highway: 30 mpg

Fuel Cost:
25 Miles: $2.33
Per Year: $1,399

Annual Carbon Output:
5.7 tons

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