Thursday, May 1, 2008

Favorite Dockers Commercial

Dockers apparel is one of my favorite brands of clothing especially in pants, slacks and shorts. As a matter of fact, most of hubby's slacks and shorts are made from Dockers. I like the quality of the fabric, the different fit and style that really suits my preference. I know that they have other apparel too and boy I was glad I checked their website since they have new arrivals that are best for spring and summer. Actually I once saw on Today Show with Jay Leno this Dockers commercial that I like. It was shown that the new wave of Dockers apparel is perfect for work, weekend, evening and play. I agree that Dockers brand is perfect for the whole family. Actually everyone is invited to join this Dockers contest. You have to make a short Dockers commercial and the grand prize winner will be considered to be aired at Jay Leno's show. So to all those who got the style and artistic projection, you can make your commercial video now. Make sure to read the rules before making your award winning Dockers commercial then upload it on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno's website at NBC and be voted.


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karab said...

Have you seen the latest Dockers contest commercial submission? It's hysterical. Click here:

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