Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FFF Housewife

Have you heard about the Texas housewife whom at the age of 30+ have already 27 plastic surgery procedures done on her body? She had breast augmentation and right now she is size 34 and cup size triple F. According to her eversince she was a kid she idolizes Dolly Parton. And now she wanted to have another breast augmentation. She can't do it anymore in Texas because the law prohibits her to do so. Then a celebrity plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills consulted her and told her that she will suffer some adverse effect if she continue it. Seems like she is already addicted to plastic surgery she even begged the doctor to do it for her. The surgeon suggested she needs to have reduction instead to prevent any disastrous thing to happen to her body. It's not a normal mindset for me anymore. It's too much.

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