Thursday, May 1, 2008

Filipino Celebrities Concerts and Tours

This coming May 17th there will be a concert by Filipino singers and celebrities here in our area. Wahhh I wanted to go and watch it but hubby will not be here by that time. I can't bring our DD there. I don't want to leave her to somebody too. I believe those that will be here are Eric Santos, Sheryn Regis, John Prats, Pooh (the comedian) and some others. I saw them guested at Balitang America the other night.

Yesterday my other daughter who is now in Hawaii called me yesterday and Ate J, who took care of our other kids, told me that Wowowee will be in Hawaii too on May 10th. They said they are going to watch the favorite noontime show of TFC. Hmm...if only :-)

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lira said...

like ko si pooh sis...

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