Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fulfillment Services Company

I work in retail for almost 2 years. I climb up from being a part time associate then became member of the management team as one of the Assistant Store Managers. Every year our company directs us to do the yearly inventory of stocks and it is very tiring. We have to be in the store very early in the morning before the stores open for the inventory and some of us will have to stay longer especially if the task is not done yet. I was wondering why not hire a company that takes merchandise inventory in stock as well as warehouse to speed up the process and cut on overhead cost. There is one company that does these services; it's the los angeles fulfillment services company or AMS Fulfillment.

This Fulfillment Services Company is a third party company that offers an attractive package to speed up as well as cost cut businesses expenses on doing merchandise inventory, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment services. For inventory, instead of the associates and managers doing the overtime, they can be hired to do it. They do the job faster and offer OnGuard Inventory Protection™, a tool to protect total inventory management and product fulfillment precision.

Also, if your business have problem with product shipping and handling, say there are lots of reported damages of merchandise during shipment, you need to change shipping company. Again, you can hire los angeles fulfillment services company or AMS. They have excellent solutions for all modes or shipping process such as from business to business, business to consumers, pick and pack, product fulfillment and distribution, warehouse assembly, and many others. Their objective is to ensure that their clients will be protected from losses and damages. So if you need this type of services, hire AMS Fulfillment. Their website is

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