Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grocery Shopping

I went out today for grocery shopping. Today is really not my shopping day. I usually go to the supermarket on Mondays because weekends is chaos in the store. A lot of shoppers are doing their grocery shopping every weekend. But I need to get our DD her milk and some food supply so I have to go out and take advantage of the nice weather. I went to the store passed 3pm and when I hit the intersection going to Walmart, the traffic is kinda moderate. Inside the store is a different story. I can say the traffic is heavy. I am glad that the little girl has just finished her nap and already had her milk or else she will be whining while queuing for checkout. It is very tiresome doing the shopping when the store is busy and everytime you maneuver your cart to another aisle you have to make sure to look side to side.

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