Monday, May 12, 2008

Hospital Visit

I woke up early this morning because of our DD's follow up check up with the developmental pediatrician. Our appointment is 10:40 am and she woke up exactly 9am. I was already dressed when she woke up. I fed her first then change her. I don't like being late in any appointments so I planned to leave the house early. I'd like to give more time allowance for driving in case there is traffic along the way. We were at the hospital 2 minutes early which is a good thing. They are telling us all the time that we need to be there 15 minutes early anyway. Usually what it is, is that you hurry up and wait. Sure enough we waited for another 20 min because the Pedia still has patient she's seeing. We were able to got out of the hospital almost noon time. Glad our DD cooperated and she was behaved.

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