Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IBackup Your Online Storage

If you have a large file in your database for business use, it is very important to plan for getting a back up. This is to safeguard your files in case a network is crashing down or your system will be affected by some sort of virus. IBackup is an Online Storage that serves to save your files or data automatically as scheduled. It has an integrated system that protects data as well as recovering it. At IBackup they are ensuring that once it is save other users can also access it since there is a collaborative sharing feature of data and files. Right now they enhanced their feature by optimizing IBackup to work with iPhones or they have this so called IBackup for Mac. The data stored can now be viewed through iPhones. So anywhere you go you can access as well as share data in a handheld device. So use IBackup to store your data online just like the 500 Fortune companies.

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