Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lease a Car Shrewdly

I was told that we should not lease a car because it will just cost us a lot than to buy it through financing. I am really confused what the difference between buying and leasing is. There are lots of dealerships and they offer different financing modes and I can't really get how this process works. Then I read this article at This website offers Vehicle Lease Advice that greatly explains a lot how we should be careful in leasing properties especially vehicles. This website also give an analogy of Shrewdlease to Apple pie and how this works .

So if you are planning to lease for a car, you need to check out this website first. You have to enter all the numbers that you are going to pay for the leasing and the website will evaluate it for you. It will tell you if it is a shrewd lease or a poor lease. There is also a comprehensive explanation of the leasing process. They put it in a step by step tutorials with matching pie graph showing division of the steps in getting into the leasing agreement. I am recommending this website to get Vehicle Lease Advice and lease education.

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