Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mercedes Benz in DC Area

One of the cars that I really found very attractive and wants to own is Mercedes Benz. When I was a kid what I have in my mind is that if you are driving a Mercedes Benz you are one of the richest. In my young mind, those who can own one are only those rich or well to do family. Even my father told me that he wish he can own one or even just to drive one. I joked at him that if I will win in lotto I will buy him two. Talking about this classy vehicle, if you live in Washing DC are and you are planning of buying a Mercedes Benz, you can check out American Service Center at

They are the known New Mercedes DC dealership in the area and they have wide selection of Mercedes vehicles of different models. They have luxury sedan, sport sedan which you can also select if you want the ultimate one that gives you the full control when driving it or if you want the mid-size sport sedan that gives you the comfort you want and it has the great value than other import mid-size cars. They also have the Mercedes GL-class that is perfect to shuttle you around town even if it is for business or pleasure. Not only these but they have all the models you want. You can let them know what you want and they will give it to you. Check them out now and get the best vehicle you deserve only at New Mercedes DC area.

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