Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Parent's Vow Renewal

Planning a wedding is very daunting. There are so many things you need to consider. My parents 5oth wedding anniversary is approaching, June, and they will have renewal of their vows but this will be held in December. I am glad my sisters are all doing most of the planning. They only told me what I need to do or get, of course with the specifications. The last time I called they said that I have to check out here if I can find a nice gold Wedding Invitations. Since it's my parents 50th so the motif is gold. I found this, a website that sells beautiful wedding invitations. I really have to follow the color scheme or else my siblings will not talk to me for a week. Anyways, I checked out the website and saw this one below:

It is very simply, translucent white and gold with two white pearl daisies, very elegant. I love its simplicity and I believe this suits my parents. When I was checking out the invitations, I was able to look at its intricate design because the website has the zooming capability. When you hover the mouse to the invitation it will enlarged and you will see the details of the invitation. I like it because it will let you see how your finished Wedding Invitations looked like. I am sending the sample to my sis if this is okay with them, because if they ask me I would definitely go for this one.

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