Saturday, May 3, 2008

Peanut Allergy

I can say that I am fortunate because I don't have any allergy at all. I can eat anything and everything. I have known of some people that has peanut allergy. This disease is different from nut allergy. This is an allergy wherein the immune system is being affected and the body suffers from different symptoms after exposure to some of the proteins in peanuts. The person will suffer swelling of lips and air ways and thereby having trouble breathing. This can even kill. My new friend here, his son is having this allergy and she even told me that he is anaphylactic. Even just the smell of it and some other foods, like seafoods, he can't breath and he will have red rashes all over his body. I hope that the peanut allergy vaccine that is now being developed in medicine will be prosperous and that all those who suffer of this allergy can eat PBJ sandwich without any fears :-)

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