Saturday, May 24, 2008

Share Your Thoughts

Blogging did not come easy to me before. I was very skeptical of sharing my thoughts online much more my life story. But I browsed thru a lot of Blogs and saw that it is okay to share your ideas and thoughts as well as some part of your life that you think is worth sharing thus the creation of my blogs some three years ago. After being in the blogsphere for couple of years I have seen a lot of online services that allows you to create a blog. One of these is through

Unlike other Blogs services, not only allows you to upload photos, videos, podcasts, it also has a chat community, forums and you can bookmark the latest news. You can also make a choice if you want each blog post to be published publicly, privately, or only viewable by your friends and family. can also increase traffic to your blog since any recent post will be published on the site. They will feature pictures, videos and blogs too. Creation of blogs is free and they have free unlimited bandwidth too. Right now they have a contest that they call Thoughts Writing Contest. So if you want to share your thoughts and become a part of a great community, join now.

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